Physical Fitness:

No prerequisite. Open to grades 10-12. This class deals mainly with weight lifting and is primarily aimed at building strength, increasing speed, and improving agility and flexibility of the student athlete. The class runs all school year.


American Government is a two semester course open to seniors. The course is intended to familiarize the student with the basic fundamentals and principles upon which our government is based. Special emphasis will be placed upon the evolution and change of our government since its founding, and both the domestic and foreign political environments which have dictated changes. It is intended that the student will acquire a general understanding of those fundamentals and principles of the American form of government and how they have been adapted to meet the changes of time over two centuries. The class will be taught basically by lectures. Class discussions are also very much a part of the classroom approach, and the students are expected to contribute to these discussions. Research papers are sometimes used as a means of investigating governmental problems and specializing in certain areas of governmental activity. Student evaluation will be based upon written examination, daily pop quizzes over previous day's material, and evaluation of written assignments.



1st Hour: Physical Fitness

2nd Hour: Physical Fitness

3rd Hour: Physical Fitness

4th Hour: Government

5th Hour: Government

6th Hour: Government

7th Hour: Planning Period