Mrs. Bailey

Assistant Cross Country Coach | National Honors Society Sponsor | Assistant Junior High Track Coach

A little bit about me: I am in my 15th year of teaching, all at Norton. I have been married for 17 years and have 4 wonderful kids (most of the time!).

Best thing about working at NCHS: The students!

Favorite books: I enjoy any detective mystery novel. However, I don't read very often because once I start, I don't stop until the book is over!

Favorite movies: Tommy Boy, Step Brothers, The Heat, Bridesmaids...I enjoy movies that make me laugh and are not serious.

Favorite sports teams: Nebraska Huskers...the only college football team worth watching :) I love football so we watch it every weekend. The New York Giants are usually on Sundays. The Norton Bluejays are where my family spends most of our time so they must be my favorite team.


Class Schedule

1st Hour: Advanced Math

2nd Hour: Algebra II

3rd Hour: Calculus

4th Hour: Algebra II

5th Hour: Algebra II

6th Hour: Advanced Math

7th Hour: Planning Period