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But first, let's take a selfie.

On the first day of school, 3A took time out of their day to take a classroom selfie.

On the first day of school, 3A took time out of their day to take a classroom selfie. This was the highlight of the day for some of the students.

Total solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, the students were able to watch the Total Solar Eclipse. We spent a couple of days in science, learning about the different type of eclipses, how they happen, and documenting this rare event. While outside, students were given viewers to look up at the sun, and every five minutes, they were to record temperature changes and the different stages of the eclipse. The students were very engaged while outside and seemed to enjoy this event. Make sure you ask your student about their experience!

In science, social studies, and language the students have been learning about trees. On Friday, August 25, 3A and 3B went on a walk through a pasture north of the school. We walked about half way through the pasture (which the students thought was pretty far) to see a Sycamore tree that is about 200 years old. Along the way we saw buffalo wallows, picked up geos, and spent time talking about the history of the land in the Potwin area. The students are now researching their own tree to present to the class.

Tree Walk:


Our class traveled to Hutchinson to visit the state fair for our class field trip. While at the fair, the students did math with a variety of items they had to find, ate lots of fair food, and walked a couple miles. Before we got started, we stopped to take a picture at the entrance. By the end of the day, everyone left with smiles on their faces and lots of souvenirs to take home.

Happy Halloween from 3A!

During the month of November, our class did a Thanksgiving project. The students were given the role of either a Pilgrim or Indian, and their job was to come up with a presentation to give to another class based on a certain topic of their choice. The students were divided up into groups of 4 to 5 people, and each day they got together and worked on their project. They had a variety of topics they were able to choose from such as what their houses looked like, the role of the children, the Mayflower, and Thanksgiving. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the students came dressed as their role and went to different classrooms throughout the day to present. We also had a Thanksgiving meal that day with food items the Pilgrims and Indians would have eaten during the first Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Project