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With crypto-currency gaining momentum as the new form of virtual currency, Coinbase comes with an easy-to-use and safe platform where one can exchange crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with just a few clicks. 

Spread across over 100 countries, Coinbase has been providing its services for the last decade. Now available as an app and a website, it acts as a one-stop shop for those who are interested in getting started with trading in crypto-currency.

In an effort to build an open financial system, Coinbase provides its users with the basics of all things crypto, including the latest crypto news, price tracking, and market trends, along with an efficient means to trade in crypto. The users can also look for guidance and tips to buy, sell, use and earn crypto securely and with transparency.

How to sign up on Coinbase?

Coinbase can be used by anyone, be it an individual or a business, who wishes to get started with the crypto exchange by simply registering on it and creating a free account. All that is needed for signing up and creating an account is to register using an email and a password. However, the user must be at least 18 years old.

To register on Coinbase, the new user can follow the steps as follows:

A glance at the Coinbase log in procedure 

For signing into your Coinbase login account, there are some easy steps that you need to follow. For the same purpose, we are going to enlist all the essential steps right below:

The signing-in process is followed by a two-step verification process to ensure a safe and secure experience for the users. In this, a code is sent to the phone number entered which when filled in, opens another page for identity verification. After this, the user is successfully registered and verified on Coinbase. The registered users can build their crypto portfolio by buying, selling, and storing their crypto coins and earn yield through crypto trading on Coinbase by linking their bank accounts.

How do I login to Coinbase with a phone number ?

How do I login to Coinbase with a phone number

Well, during the Coinbase login procedure, you will need to provide your registered email address and the password that you had set up during the registration process. Speaking about the possibilities of using a phone number for the purpose of login, it should be noted that Coinbase login can only be done by using the correct email address and password.

The phone number usage comes into action only when you have enabled the 2FA for signing in. This means that you will get the Coinbase app login code on the selected phone number.

What is the process of Coinbase account recovery?

Before you apply these steps, it is very important for you to acknowledge the fact that after applying the steps, you will not be able to use your account for around 48 hours. This is done on the part of Coinbase in order to prevent any unauthorized activity from your account. Once you have completed all these steps and it has passed the specific time, then you'll be able to sign in using the newly created password:

Reasons why Coinbase login not working

There could be different scenarios when you will not be able to sign into your Coinbase account. So, make sure that you do not make any mistakes at your end if you wish to avoid coming across these errors. On the other hand, the following could be some additional reasons why you'd come across login issues:

Ways to fix Coinbase login issues 


Coinbase has been one of the leading digital trading spaces for traders, merchants as well as consumers. The users can easily register and create their crypto wallets by verifying their identity and linking their bank accounts. It ensures that the users can securely engage in crypto trade and explore the crypto world with the latest market news. It welcomes anyone who is searching for an efficient, easily accessible, transparent, and safe platform to delve into the crypto-currency exchange.