Dr. Preston B. Moore

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Current Research

My current research focus on the development and use of condensed phase, molecular simulation methods to investigate chemical problems. I am currently studying lipid bilayers, membrane proteins (specifically ion channels), and the spectroscopy of molecular liquids. For a more detailed research description please see the research tab.

Old webpage http://chemfaculty.usciences.edu/ChemFaculty/index.php/home-moore

University webpage https://faculty.usciences.edu/faculty/moore-preston

University West Center page https://www.usciences.edu/research/west-center-computational-research/index.html

Through the use of computational chemistry in pursuit of new knowledge and understanding we strive to:

Think critically with both qualitative and quantitative reasoning skills through the study and interactions with others on a daily basis, The dialog, questions, and discussions which naturally follow, one develops the skill to use and critically evaluate approximations, qualitative reasoning, and numerical quantitative results of careful calculations.

Develop informed reading, writing, speaking, and presentation skills; Communication is critical to scientific inquiry, which includes interactions through different mediums such as discussions of reading primary literature, writing and presentations results. Through these interactions one practices and develops the skills to communicate effectively.

Perform and facilitate world class science with integrity, discipline, and high ethical standards.

While we use computational to perform our research, these skill are applicable to many different fields and life in general. I have had students pursue careers in a meriad of diverse fields: from faculty positions to banking to startups to teaching to product development to industrial (chemical, pharmaceutical etc..) positions to government scientific advisers.

Contact Information

Director, West Center for Computational Chemistry and Drug Design

Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

University of Sciences

600 South 43rd Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495

Office Phone: 215.596.7537

Email: p.moore@usciences.edu

Office location: Griffith Hall Room 260A