What's new: I am currently recruiting adults who stutter as participants in a vocal tract imaging study, see more details here

Hi, my name is Yijing Lu. [CV] [Google Scholar] [Linkedin] [ResearchGate] [Twitter]

I am a PhD Candidate in Linguistics at University of Southern California.

My primary research interest is in speech production, especially the control of speech articulators in both typical and atypical speech. Most of my research involves examining articulatory data collected using real-time MRI.

Right now I am working on my dissertation project, which uses the state-of-the-art vocal tract MRI technology to investigate the articulatory movement underlying the perceived stuttering disfluencies, with a goal to understand better the nature of stuttering and human speech production. If you are interested in participating in my study, check out this flyer!

I am a member of Speech Production and Articulation kNowledge (SPAN) group and Phonetics and Phonology Group at USC. My dissertation research is generously supported by the Dynamic Imaging Science Center at USC.