Final Deathmatch: Floating Shooting Dudes

What is this game?

Some medieval warriors woke up and found out that they are at a completely unfamiliar place: they all have some heavy and brown “sticks” in hands, and there are many weird blue boxes around them. Suddenly, all of them get headache, and they seem to understand everything immediately: they are at a modern harbor, holding some WWII style guns, and they can use jet packs to fly. Some meta power let them know how to reload and pull the trigger, and let them know also their ultimate objective: kill as many people as they can, and only the one kills most can escape from this place…

How to play it?

Our game is a deathmatch game: all players will first spawn on the map. The game will wait for 15 seconds and collect all online players. After 15 seconds, all online players will be able to move and need to kill as many people as they can. If someone is killed, he/she will stay at dead state for 5 seconds and they respawn at a random spot. After 1 minute, the player who kills most people win the game.

Technical Features

  • Networking/synchronizations of game states, animations, and some other effects;
  • Simple Oriented Bounding Box collision;
  • Animation state machine and models (self-made props and Mixamo characters);
  • Gun/shooting system;
  • Particle effects (muzzle, hit, and jetpack sparks);
  • Simple HUD;
  • Skybox & map...

What can I do in the game?

Good Question. Although we don't have great aesthetics, we still come up some great ideas that will definitely catch your eyes:

    • Play a victory dance on your enemy's corpse and shout out "savage"!
    • Use jetpack to fly around the map!
    • Switch between first- and third-person perspectives to gain most advantages!
    • Enjoy the blood and sparks of gunshots!

Particle Effects

World Exploration