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Urban Labs are events which are part exploration / part workshop. They facilitate public engagement with sites. Seeking to document and preserve current liminal states, Urban Labs are conducted through semi-guided walking tours and in-situ spatial interventions.


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Exhibitions are events which present outcomes, artefacts, and evidence. They link the drawings, objects, and texts of Urban Labs with historical evidence of larger phenomena.


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Excursions are tours that investigate lost sites and the stories that support them. Each outing pairs a specific destination with various media. They construct and imagine the geography of a Los Angeles.


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Edit-A-Thons are events for collectively editing Wikipedia articles. Through documenting and digitizing abandoned histories, demolished architecture, forgotten sites, and excavated maps, the edit-a-thons facilitate sifting, sorting, and broadcasting information in real-time.


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Screenings are events that collect, curate, and remix films. The series Public Programming is a monthly event—free and open to the public—that pairs new video from an emerging practitioner with an old video from the public domain.



Publications are a series of ongoing conversations with a variety of artists, architects, planners, geographers, writers, story-tellers, students, dog-walkers, archivists, musicians, kayakers, hikers, and neighbors.