KDD19 Workshop on

Data Mining and AI for Conservation

August 5, part of KDD 2019 Earth Day

The Workshop on "Data Mining and AI for Conservation" will beheld on August 5, and is part of the Earth Day of KDD 2019.

According the most recent WWF Living Planet Report, we are losing the planet's biodiversity at an unprecedented rate. There are numerous factors that contribute to the grim statistics, from the indirect effects of climate change to the direct results of wildlife crime. Conservation of natural resources, including water, marine and land habitats, and wildlife, is of the utmost importance and is an urgent and challenging task.

This workshop will focus on how data mining and AI can inform conservation efforts from theory to practice, and from understanding the underlying processes and dynamics to making effective decisions and setting policies. There are increasingly large amounts of data relevant to conservation, including sensor data such as GPS trajectories from collars on animals, camera trap photos, crowdsourced photos and observations, and imagery from UAVs and satellites, DNA samples, as well as geospatial data and data generated by climate models.

In this workshop, we plan to bring together researchers in the computational areas of mining images and text, network science, machine learning, planning and optimization, and vision, as well as researchers interested in applications related to climate, environment, ecology and wildlife conservation.