group therapy

What are groups?

Groups are weekly therapy sessions facilitated by licensed professional clinicians in USC Student Health Counseling and Mental Health Services. The meetings are sequenced to help members make progress in their individual journey toward desired change, so it's not a drop in service.

There are groups for common concerns such as depression, panic disorder, ADHD, social anxiety, eating disorders, etc. Other groups build up helpful skills that can help address social confidence, loneliness, and low self-esteem, and life skills.

Why seek out a group?

  • commitment - making time to regularly explore what you are going through can help

  • community - finding others who are facing the same difficulties can provide perspective, and relief!

  • shared experiences can help individuals make desired progress.

  • learn more about groups in Finding Your Flock

Fall 2022 Groups

Check this list for available groups.
To learn more or sign up for current groups, go to MySHR (in the “messages” section) to submit a Counseling Group Interest Form.

Groups meet online via Telehealth.
Groups are available to USC students currently residing in California, per state regulatory matters.