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Bank of America login- Learn the ways to get into your account

Online banking has made it very convenient for all of us to enjoy banking services and benefits without stepping out of our homes. Owing to the same trend, Bank of America has also come up with its online banking portal on which you can create your online banking profile and go ahead with accessing all the given banking opportunities right away.

If you also wish to acquire and use your Bank of America login account, then I would suggest you come along with me on this journey where we will have a look at different aspects that would help you sail safely.

A look at Bank of America online sign up process

If you are ready to avail yourself of the services and benefits that come along with having a Bank of America account, then you might want to create an account on it. However, there are some people who get stuck during the process. Therefore, to help such users who are looking for the correct way for Bank of America online sign up, here I am going to guide you through the complete procedure:

  1. Access the official website- https://www.bankofamerica.com/

  2. On this page, at the left pane, select "Open an Account"

  3. Choose one of the account types- checking & savings, Credit Card, Home Loans, Auto Loans, Small business, and Merrill Investing

  4. After deciding on the account type, please select the "Get Started" button

  5. Respond to further queries and select "Open account"

  6. Based on your choice, you will see further instructions and queries you need to respond to

  7. Now, click on the "Go to Application" button to proceed

  8. And then, an application form would open up which you need to feed in

  9. Fill in the asked data, set up your account, and then agree to the Terms and Conditions

  10. Post that, you can review and submit the application form and get started with using your account

During the process, you will also need to create your Bank of America login password which should be unique and strong enough so that your account does not get hacked.

After you acquire your account login details, you will need to sign in to your account and for the same purpose, you can rely on the details that I am about to give below.

The complete Bank of America secure bank login procedure

If you are sure that you are ready with the correct Bank of America login details, then you can proceed ahead to sign in to your account by following this procedure:

  1. Make a visit to https://www.bankofamerica.com/online-banking/sign-in/

  2. On your left, you will see a small login form that needs to be fed

  3. So, please add your BOA User ID in the first blank

  4. And then, you can add the account password very carefully

  5. Please select the "Log In" button after verifying the correctness of these details

  6. If you see an error, repeat the process or carry out a password reset

Steps on Bank of America EDD card login

If you have applied for a Bank of America EDD card and you got lucky enough to get it, then you can easily manage your EDD card by logging in to your account. So, if you do not know the correct procedure to access your account, then you can follow the steps that are listed below for the same:

  1. Please navigate to the Bank of America EDD card login site

  2. The URL for this is- https://www.visaprepaidprocessing.com/eddcard/Verify/SignIn

  3. Please enter your EDD card username in the given blank and hit "Continue"

  4. Followed by this, you can type your Bank of America EDD card account password

  5. Those who have enabled 2FA need to enter the Bank of America login code as well

  6. Voila! You have accessed your account and now you can manage your card the way you want

Now, there could be some users who are unable to access their Bank of America accounts. Thus, to help them out in this scenario, I am about to guide you through the process using which you can easily reset your account password.

Steps to reset Bank of America login account password

The password reset page can be accessed at https://secure.bankofamerica.com/auth/forgot/reset-entry/. After you have landed on this page, it is obvious that you need to verify your identity first. So, for the same purpose, please enter the Bank of America Card or Account Number (Last 6 digits). Along with that, you can also add the Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax ID Number (TIN) for the verification of your identity. Upon entering these details, you can click the "Continue" button.

Once these details are verified, you will be given a chance to set a new account password. Make sure this time you remember this password.

Similarly, if you have forgotten the User ID of your account, you can recover the same by selecting the relevant option on the landing page.

After learning the measures that you need to take when you forgot to sign in with your Bank of America sign in password, let us now shift our focus towards fixing some login issues that a lot of users come across.

Top ways to fix Bank of America online banking login problems

Sometimes, even when you type in the correct login details, you may still see login errors on your screen. In this scenario, what you can do is make sure that you are signing in through the correct website. If that's not the issue, you can get the Bank of America app downloaded on your device and then try to log in from the same.

If that does not help, we suggest you go ahead with resetting the Bank of America login password.

On the other hand, if everything else fails, I would suggest you get help from the experts. For the same purpose, we suggest you contact Bank of America through their official platform.


Though Bank of America login and getting access to its facilities is extremely easy, you may still come across different hurdles. In that situation, what I suggest you do is to check out their feeds on Bank of America social media platforms. They might have mentioned that their portal is about to undergo maintenance or their website is down.

If that is not the case, you can visit one of the bank branches by searching for their Bank of America address or write them an email at Bank of America email concerning whatever query you have.