Relief riders

Emergency delivery of supplies using bicycles for the needy

The Bengaluru Relief Riders program is an initiative of #CycleToWork ambassadors along with other interested cyclists across the city of Bengaluru under the Bicycle Mayor of Bengaluru

Our Relief Riders are bicyclists who have volunteered to support the elderly in their local communities. Aged people in communities throughout Bangalore or/ and their friends, relatives and well-wishers can coordinate directly with our relief riders to get essentials (groceries, milk, medicines) delivered home. In cases involving physical/ cognitive disabilities, our riders can also check up on them physically. A Relief Rider (RR) is a friend in need for the elderly in our local communities.

The bicycle has quintessentially been a symbol of freedom and happiness. At a time when human beings are prohibited from any social contact, cyclists in Bengaluru are taking to our two wheels to provide a ray of hope and happiness to those who are most vulnerable.

COVID - 19 is the 21st Century's largest pandemic the world is facing. The crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic has now pushed us into a complete lockdown in an effort to contain the spread of the virus. While most of us are coping with this unprecedented situation in the best way we know how, not all of us are lucky enough to self-sustain. COVID-19 has proved particularly fatal to the elderly in any populace. According to a report of the WHO-China Joint Mission, the death rate of 60+ year olds of all the COVID-19 cases is ~25%, which makes the most vulnerable population. It is hence imperative for us to ensure that the aged in our local communities are quarantined safely. This means ensuring they are supplied with essentials, including groceries and medical supplies and checking on them to ensure they have the help they need – even when they don’t know how to ask for it. This is what Bengaluru Relief Riders aims to do.

Please note to keep requests to morning hours and evening hours and minimal. Contact the mentioned riders from your area, check with them on what they can help with. All volunteers will wear masks, use sanitisers and keep safe distance from you. If they need to get into apartments please ensure you can make relevant arrangements for them to leave it with security where available.
This website or the associated organisation takes no liability for the services offered by the volunteers. Their ability to help you will depend on police permissions in the area to move around.

1 in 5 are senior citizens

We mapped a single ward (ward 19) from the electoral lists and found above average concentrations of citizens over age over 60 in 45% of the area. This helps us understand where the vulnerable are and in times of communicable infections target service delivery effectively. We map the city in times of need, join us in many such efforts.

Covid-19 update

We encourage you to stay safe and take precautions advised by medical professionals and authorities

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Total lockdowns have a limited utility and is used tactically to slow down contagion. In the long run its important for businesses and public zones to stay vigilant and contribute positively to this externality and others that may come our way. This will not only prevent the spread of contagious diseases but also let them stay open through the period. The covid compliant stickers for business is an Urban Morph concept which uses the power of incentives to drive behaviour change.