Co Curricular Activities are a key part of the varied education provided at Uplands.

We offer a balanced programme of activities and all students from Year 1 onward are encouraged to participate in at least 1 CCA per season. We find that many students choose to participate in more than just the recommended 1 per season and become involved in as many different areas as possible. With this in mind we do offer additional buses, for those registered to use the school bus service, to all students to participate in early morning and/or later afternoon sessions.

The aim of the programme is to enable students to take on new challenges and/or develop their skills and interests in activities already familiar to them. CCA's also provide and opportunity for students to develop their self confidence and personal experiences. It is also a great opportunity to make new friends, and learn from like-minded students.

Students are reminded that schools, colleges and universities often look very closely at this aspect of school life when considering admissions or scholarships. At Uplands we value the benefits so highly that active participation in the CCA Programme is recognised in staff reporting.