Fall 2018

Volume 9, Issue 4

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Projection artists Tamara Sefcovicova, Jordi Pont, and Xavi Bové will partner with the Binghamton Philharmonic to transform our sanctuary into an otherworldly work of art during the LUMA Projection Arts Festival, September 7–8.

Congregational Retreat

Friday evening, October 12, through Sunday morning, October 14, at Stony Point Conference Center

At United Presbyterian Church, we talk a lot about “radical hospitality” as the basis of Christian practice. Our retreat this year is intended to give us a chance, as a congregation, to reflect on hospitality and on how we might continue to deepen our practice at United Presbyterian Church by learning from the Community of Living Traditions at Stony Point Center.

In its deepest sense, hospitality means “welcoming the other, welcoming the stranger,” whether that comes in the form of another human being, a group, an idea, or a critique. It is fundamental openness to learning about, understanding, and potentially being changed by the other. Stony Point Center is committed to this foundational practice as the basis for its community and for collaborative, effective efforts to nurture peace, nonviolence and social justice.

Rick Ufford Chase, a friend of the congregation and the co-moderator of Stony Point, will lead us in reflection and discussion this weekend, teaching us about the Community and helping us to think about our own goals.

You are encouraged to come for the whole weekend, beginning with dinner in the Stony Point dining room on Friday night and ending with worship in our dedicated lodge on Sunday morning, but we would be glad to have you with us for whatever part of the weekend you can give.

A special feature this year is a river cruise on Saturday, leaving the Center at about noon (with picnic lunch) and returning about 4:00pm. Fall foliage and historic sites will unfold as we glide along the Hudson River for two hours starting at Newburgh. There are other “free time” options in and around Stony Point for that block of time, including hiking, working on community projects, and the art center.

Let us know if you are coming as a family, so we can plan the activities to be fully inclusive of all age groups, including providing respite care for the youngest if needed.

We have room for 24 persons in double rooms, and on the boat, so sign up, with your registration cost of just $25 per person, as soon as you can. Each room is equipped with a sink; toilet and shower facilities are shared.

If you have questions, speak with our pastors, Marilyn Myers, or others who have come on this annual retreat in the past.

To learn more about Stony Point, go to stonypointcenter.org

Our mission is to follow Jesus Christ by doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God.