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About Universidad  Panamericana

Universidad Panamericana (UP) was founded in 1967 as a business school. The original group of scholars and business people who founded the Pan-American Institute of Top Business Management (IPADE) soon began promoting what is today Universidad Panamericana. 

​Universidad Panamericana has four campuses serving almost 12 thousand students in 33 degree programs. The first campus was inaugurated in Mexico City in 1968, the second in Guadalajara in 1981, and a third in Aguascalientes in 1989. Campus Santa Fe, also located in Mexico City, was inaugurated in 2011. As one university with one spirit, UP works daily on three foundational pillars: teaching, research, and transmission of culture.

​Universidad Panamericana (UP) is one of the top private universities in Mexico. 

Guadalajara is considered the city that best represents the heart of Mexico. Its mix of culture and deeply rooted traditions make Mexico a destination of international pride. The most representative icons of the country, such as Tequila, Charreria, and Mariachi, have their origin in this beautiful city. (VisitGuadalajara )

Guadalajara Historical DownTown

Downtown Guadalajara, Mexico, is a vibrant and historically rich area that offers visitors a wide variety of attractions. The attractions in downtown Guadalajara include historic sites like the Guadalajara Cathedral and Government Palace, cultural venues like Teatro Degollado, vibrant markets like San Juan de Dios Market, museums, and lively plazas such as Plaza de Armas and Plaza Tapatía. You can also experience the rich mariachi music culture and savor authentic Mexican cuisine.


Tequila offers a unique cultural experience centered around its world-renowned beverage. It's a place where you can learn about the history and craftsmanship behind tequila production while enjoying the beauty of the Mexican countryside.


Tlaquepaque offers a rich blend of cultural, artistic, and culinary experiences. Whether you're interested in shopping for unique crafts, exploring art galleries, enjoying traditional Mexican cuisine, or immersing yourself in local festivities, Tlaquepaque has something unique to offer every traveler. 


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