Department of International & European Studies

Nikos Koutsoupias, ProfessorApplied Informatics & Data AnalysisHead of GICT Lab
OFC: ΚΖ 421ΒOFC Hours: Tue 6-7pm & Thu 6-7pm (Aut'23 Sem) - also you may email  or call to arrange an online meet(ing) NOTE: VIA MEET.GOOGLE:
OFC Ph.: +30 2310.891747   E:   U:
Current Position: Professor 2022-today (UoM)Past Academic Positions & Education:Assoc. Prof., Asst Prof.,  Adjunct/Lecturer 2000-2013 (AUTH/UoWM)Adjunct Lecturer (HAF SYD)Adjunct Lecturer (Alexander ATEI/IHU)Phd DAI UOM with State Scholarship (supervisor, Prof. Emeritus I. Papadimitriou)Teaching Assistant (Engr/NCSU)Lab Assistant (CSC/NCSU)Lab Assistant (CHASS/NCSU)BSc CSC NCSU (minors: Math, Art Studies, supervisor Prof. Emeritus D. Reeves)
Currently TeachingComputers & Internet (1st semester - required)Computer Applications & Multimedia (2nd semester - required)Research Methods and Techniques II (5th semester - elective)Data Analysis Applications in Economics (8th semester -elective)Research Methods & Writing (Graduate 1st semester - required)Career Counseling (Graduate 2nd semester - elective)E-Commerce (Graduate 2nd semester - elective)

Recent Research (Indicative)2021 - Framing coworking spaces marketing strategies via social media indices - (with Dr. D. Vagianos)2021 - Text, Content and Data Analysis of Journal Articles: The Field of International Relations -  (with Prof. K. Mikelis)2020 - Ποιοτική Ανάλυση με Ανοικτό Λογισμικό - - Η επιχειρηματικότητα μέσα από τα μάτια των νέων: επιλογή δημιουργίας ή επιβίωσης; (με τους καθ. Δ. Σκιαδά και Σ. Μπουτσιούκη)2019 - Exploring International Relations Journal Articles: A Multivariate Approach - (with Prof. K. Mikelis)2018 - Online Art Buying Decision Support: A Multivariate Approach -
Projects QDAS - Qualitative Data Analysis Software // - Geometric Didactical AnalysisArt Analytics