Barzan Hadi Hama Karim, Ph.D

I, Barzan Hadi Hama Karim, am a lecturer at the University of Halabja/ Department of English Language with a major in English Language Pedagogy. My experience as a lecturer has caused me to consider the question of where the relationships between foreign language methodologies and their impacts on the learning of students matched. Pedagogy and Methods of Teaching play an prominent role in my career goals. I wrote and publish research articles in international conferences and academic journals. The dominant themes of these academic writings focus on class size, classroom management, assessment and language testing and Language Methodology.


  • Hama Karim B. (2019). Experiences of the Kurdish students on Hungarian scholarship in terms of language anxiety. Konin Language Studies 4,437-454.
  • Hama Karim B. H. (2018). The Impact of Class Size on the Academic Achievements of StudentsIn: Gail, Caruth; Marilena, Ticusan (Eds.), Current issues in educational methods and theory in a changing world (pp.65-76). Athens,Greece:AthensInstituteforEducationandResearch.
  • Hama Karim B. H. (2018). Attitude, motivation and English language learning n a teacher education program: the context of Iraqi Kurdistan. In: Jiri, Vopava; Vladimir, Douda; Radek, Kratochvil; Mario, Konecki (Eds.) Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning, Czech Republic, Prague (pp. 185-189). Prague,CzechRepublic.


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