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Bakhtyar Abdulla Mohammad

Welcome to my Academic Profile page.

My name is Bakhtyar Abdulla Mohammad and I am a lecturer holding MSc degree in Environmental Science ,teaching in the College of Science / Physics Department] at University of Halabja , Kurdistan Region of Iraq


E-mail: bakhtyar.mohammed@uoh.edu.iq

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Mobile: +964(0)7501171502

Bakhtyar Abdulla Mohammed

Working Place

University of Halabja/ College of Science/ Department of Physics.

Job title: University Lecturer

Location: Halabja city, Kurdistan Region-Iraq

Detail: this is a full-time job in a public academic institution, currently I am working as a university lecturer and I am teaching Meteorology and Renewable Energy module , Astronomy and Cosmology to the 3rd stage of the Physics students. In addition to that I am also teaching the Radio biology and medical physics, Practical Nuclear Physics module to the 4th stage, also teaching scientific debate to the first stage of the same department. I am teaching my students with highly standard guidelines and the newest methods of teaching