Caitlin Freeman

Qualified Consultant for Impress®

Introducing Impress®

A simple, affordable, results-driven, anti-aging skin care system that makes it look as if you spent hours on your skin.

For the first time ever, great skincare does NOT require the application of an expensive line of products! We have eliminated complicated routines by creating the most innovative way to effortlessly deliver the most proven anti-aging products to your skin.

The Anti-Aging Facial Pad System delivers three unique formulas, one pad per day, it’s genius! Each of the 3 pads contains a different and unique formulation critical to the anti-aging process to firm, lift, even coloration, brighten, exfoliate, rejuvenate and protect ALL IN ONE EASY STEP!

The incredible Deep Hydrating Moisturizer provides essential moisture to hydrate and keep skin supple for maximum health and anti-aging benefits. Light enough to be an eye cream and hearty enough to moisturize your face means LESS product with MORE benefit.

The Foaming Cleanser is 100% soap-free and removes surface dirt and oil without stripping or drying the skin. The soothing orange peel essential oil combines with green tea leaf extract to revitalize and prepare skin for that day’s facial pad application.

PrimeShade® is the ideal full spectrum sunscreen and makeup primer for healthy beautiful skin and uses natural ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide rather than dangerous chemicals.

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