Keynote Speakers

Liuqing Yang

Colorado State University, USA

Nelson Fonseca

Unicamp, Brazil

Hong Yang

Nokia Bell Labs, U.S.A.

Special guest

Daniel Leon-Salas

Purdue University

Welcome to UNSA ISCOMM 2018

Universidad Nacional de San Agustin wishes to gather and showcase worldwide renowned scientist in the field of Communications in Arequipa, Peru. We are aiming to promote science and research by listening and getting informed about the work of prize-winner scientist in wireless and wired communications. With the imminent widespread deployment of artificial intelligence applications and internet of things, we believe transmission and processing of data from diverse areas of human activity will challenge our current technology in use. On the other hand, a new waves of innovation, such as the fifth generation of cellular telephone systems, promises to improve data rate to extraordinary levels, such as 1 Gbps.

Arequipa is a nice city with a temperature ranging from 5°C to 25°C along the year and in October we are just very close to starting spring. It is called "the white city" because many traditional constructions are made of pieces of volcanic rock called "sillar". A variety of food can be tasted in local restaurants. Ingredients are diverse, such as squid, all types of meat, lake fish called trucha and the nationwide famous hot pepper called rocoto. During the last decade, peruvian coisine has been acknowledged as one of the best all around the world, this is a great opportunity to confirm this claims.

Not too far from the city we can find Colca canyon, where the condor flight can be admired in its natural environment. We eagerly invite you to watch it with your own eyes. A bit further, but also in the Arequipa region, we can find Cotahuasi canyon, the deepest in the world.

For all those reasons we believe you will find your staying in Arequipa pleasant and unforgettable. You are very welcome.