The Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in Music Technology (BAM-MT) is a four-year degree program focusing on the technical, theoretical, and creative skills required to pursue professional careers in the growing field of music technology. Students enroll in traditional music studies, including music theory, aural skills, keyboard studies, and ensemble performance, and innovative technology courses in audio recording, sound reinforcement, analog and digital synthesis, and performance with interactive electronics.

The program combines the rigorous training of a traditional university music program, a practical hands-on approach through real-life opportunities, and a curriculum that combines platform-independent core competencies with emerging technologies and aesthetics.

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TAPEnsemble helps design, run and perform at local noise music festival

No Coast Noise Collective is collaborating with Omaha Mobile Stage, Project Project, and the University of Nebraska Omaha’s TAPEnsemble, School of Music and Service Learning Academy to present the first Noisefest. What is noise music? By definition, it is the expressive use of noise within a musical context.

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UNO's Music Technology Program Featured in Industry Writeup

British console manufacturer, Audient, is featuring an article written about the UNO Recording Studio. The studio boasts a classroom-sized control room with an Audient ASP8024-HE recording console as the centerpiece, in addition to immersive 8.1 surround sound, a large tracking room, and three isolation rooms. The article discusses the design considerations when outfitting a studio for both teaching and professional recording.

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