John Bartle
ASPA President-Elect

I will be an effective leader for ASPA

I am a lifetime member of ASPA and have been active since I joined in 1987.

ASPA is a unique organization that connects practitioners with scholars, and Americans with their counterparts across the globe to exchange ideas and develop solutions. It is a crossroads of ideas that helps make connections and create solutions. It is a vital organization for its members and society. I want to help move ASPA forward to further realize these potentials.

I have a vision for ASPA.

I am well connected. 

As a leader among the deans of public affairs colleges, I will connect to their faculty and students. I have been on the boards of all the national public administration organizations, so I can achieve a synergy working with them. I understand the needs and goals of both academics and practitioners. I regularly work with elected officials, nonprofits, and interest groups, so can expand ASPA’s reach.

I achieve results. 

I have grown my college by identifying emerging opportunities. I can help ASPA reach out to other public and nonprofit organizations to achieve synergies.

I know the value of a dollar. 

Not only do I teach budgeting and finance, but I manage the finances of my college effectively. I have done the same as treasurer of several professional organizations and community groups. I will continue to keep ASPA financially healthy.

Most important, I listen. 

I welcome your ideas and will be responsive. Contact me at:

“Dr. John Bartle has been an invaluable advisor to the Nebraska’s policymakers. For a dozen years, Dr. Bartle has led an initiative that provides policy research and counsel to the Nebraska Legislature’s Planning Committee. His work has provided relevant, practical data and advice that helped current and former legislators make informed policy decisions. I am fortunate to have had Dr. Bartle as an advisor while I served eight years on the Planning Committee and four years as Chairman of the Appropriations Committee. Dr. John Bartle will bring the same leadership, vision, and partnership to ASPA.” 

– Honorable Heath Mello, Nebraska State Senator (2009-2017)

I will help ASPA advance diversity and equity.

I have been a leader in advancing diversity in higher education, scholarship, and in the community. My college has the most diverse student body and faculty in my university because of academic programs and hiring initiatives we have developed. I have mentored several leaders from diverse backgrounds at my university and in ASPA and other professional groups.

I have written extensively on gender equity in budgeting and moved the idea of equity to the forefront of the practice of budgeting. I am known for research that applies sustainability to public administration. Just as important, I have advanced both gender and racial equity in civic groups in my community.

ASPA must continue to strengthen our democratic and diverse society to realize the potential that diversity brings. I will be tireless in advancing this goal.