RVTEC Training

RVTEC Training Sub-Committee HomePage

In 2018, an RVTEC training sub-committee, consisting of five senior and mid-level techs, was be established to develop a series of training courses based on demand and trainer availability. The committee is establishing a prioritized list of the training needed along with the training goals.

UNOLS institutions are encouraged to adopt a training module and develop a course that meets those goals. An institution could fund this by submitting a specialized services request as part of their annual tech services proposal. Awarded funds would support the development of the course and the resources needed to conduct one or two training sessions over a couple of years. The training sub-committee would assist in the logistics and planning of the training courses and ensure that there is any documentation from the course is available to the RVTEC community.

This website is the hub for those resources. Please feel free to browse around and download anything that may be useful for you before your ship heads to sea! Also peruse the calendar of upcoming training opportunities.

Contact the training sub-committee with any requests or questions!