Campus Signage

UNLV Top Tier Campus Signage Committee

Our Mission

An important Top Tier initiative is that of working together to create a sense of UNLV community as well as fostering a sense of place and pride in the University through the use of signage.

This requires consistent evaluation and strategic planning of the design, placement, and appropriateness of signage across campus. Signage can be specific to special events and celebrations, various activities and can also serve as points of identification of campus areas and buildings.

The UNLV Campus Signage Committee is charged with ensuring that signage across campus is consistent; follows brand standards; prevents damage to surfaces, signs, trees and landscaping; and considers the general safety of campus. Signage placed in campus-wide outdoor spaces will need to be approved through this Committee. This includes signage placed on campus grounds or on the outside of buildings facing the campus.

All proposed signage requests must have an approved funding source. The Campus Signage Committee does not have any budget allocations. Installation and removal costs are also the responsibility of the division/department/unit initiating the request. Installation and removal may not be completed by an outside contractor.

Signage Request Process

To request consideration for the installation of any campus signage, please contact Kristine Shay directly at either or 4-2922 for next steps.

Loaner Signage and Suggested Uses

The Signage Committee has various types of signage available to be loaned for campus use, including sail banners, pull-up banners and several large vinyl/mesh UNLV-branded banners. Additionally, plexiglass podium signs are available for purchase through Reprographics. For details, contact Kristine Shay.

Committee Members

Kristine Shay, Co-Chair, AdmissionsIsabelle Johnson, Co-Chair, Integrated Marketing & BrandingVince Alberta, Integrated Marketing & BrandingMichael Bertetto, Boyd Law SchoolAllan Breese, Finance & BusinessRyan Doyle, Police Services AdministrationKevin Dunegan, NursingDavid Frommer, Finance & BusinessCraig Granger, University Marketing & CommunicationsTiffany Ponds-Kimbro, Boyd Law School