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Our History

Behavioral Health Consulting Group (BHCG) generously supports initiatives of social justice. BHCG was founded in 2011 at Kealakekua High School on the Big Island of Hawaii. BHCG initially operated within the Children's Community Council on all islands, which serves children and families with disabilities and mental health needs through collaborative partnerships. BHCG worked with other stakeholders to ensure that children with disabilities and their families were receiving appropriate services at school and within the community. BHCG would later go on to to address organizational culture within school departments on the island of Maui and continue to ensure the rights of children and their families. #corporatesocialresponsibility #socialresponsibility


"We believe in the social values of corporate responsibility by developing effective leadership solutions in our communities."


We developed an early alliance and relationship with Honolulu Pride and the LGBT+ Caucus in 2013 while campaigning for the Hawaii Marriage Equality Act. Equality and social justice is one of our core values. BHCG original founding members continue to fight for LGBT+ rights by introducing resolutions to allow gay couples the same access to fertility treatment by their insurance plans. There is still much work to do in the pursuant of social equality.

Tourism's Impact to Homelessness

BHCG is devoted to contributing it's lessons learned in Hawaii to developing a seamless mental health system that will lead to a positive impact on its local homeless population. We first started working with the homeless population in 2012 when we observed an increase in homelessness in the Kakaako area on Oahu with the feed the streets campaign, which was evolved and formalized by the Hawaii LGBT+ Caucus who assumed its kuleana. On the Island of Maui, we continued the expression of this "spirit of aloha." BHCG intends to achieve this objective by leveraging both relationships in Maui and now in Palm Springs...

Workplace Violence

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (n.d.), over 2,000, 000 people are victims of workplace violence each year. We believe current laws protect the Hawaii employee from bullying, harassment, and toxic organizational culture. BHCG is dedicated to resolving Hawaii Revised Statute 465 and 76-41 by bringing Industrial/Organizational Psychology to the workplace. Industrial/Organizational Psychology is characterized by the scientific study of human behavior in organizations and the workplace (American Psychological Association). We believe by implementing or resolving policy, psychology in the work can help reduce workplace violence.

March for Our Lives

We walked out and along students on March 13, 2018. BHCG has been dedicated to assuring the wellness of school culture by being actively engaged in the learning process and environment. As educators, psychologists, and school therapists, our roots have been embedded in the unlimited human potential. BHCG was originally founded in the Children's Community Council.

Hurricane Florence and Michael

We provided consultative services to disaster response volunteers in Raleigh, North Carolina through sheltering and assisted in personnel utilization management. We also provided direct care to disaster victims to mitigate crisis with psychological first aid. e provided direct psychological aid to children and adolescents experiencing trauma and supported their families in their recovery process.

Genetically Modified Organisms Moratorium

This initiative was spearhead by The Shaka Movement as a moratorium to stop chemical companies on the islands of Kauai and Maui from testing GMO crops in residential areas until their known human impacts were learned. Many of these testing sites were next to schools. The overspray from these sites often closed schools down temporarily or emergency services responded. BHCG helped canvas votes with geo mapping and lobbed individuals for their support. Although the moratoriums did pass both county officials fell short in representing the will of their constituents. The moratoriums were not enforced by the County of Maui and Kauai.

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company Smoke

BHCG had engaged the Hawaii Department of Health, Hawaii Department of Labor, and the Hawaii Department of Education in conversation over its concern of cane smoke and particles blowing onto schools campuses. We believed this to have an impact on the high rates of asthma for students at local schools. We had also believed this to be a labor concern for government employees working on school campuses in which workers compensation issues started to emerge because there was no requirement of barriers from cane smoke, a subservient standard to the Federal Standards of Occupational Safety and Health Administration. BHCG worked to advocate and bring resolution to this problem with the Hawaii Attorney General's Office.

Prior Service:

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