Customized Workshop: Enriching Relationship with Self and Others

    • A bi-lingual well-developed Psycho-educational program is approved by The Virginia Satir Global Network (VSGN) for personal and professional development.
    • The VSGN's Mission is to further the creation of healthy and just relationships, based on the teachings of Virginia Satir. Her teachings declare that a healthy and just relationship honors the self, the other and the context.

This interactive workshop is designed and based on the work of the world famous therapist, Virginia Satir, who was one of the pioneers in facilitating a growth model approach. It is a psycho-educational program which teaches practical concepts and skills specifically focused on how you relate to yourself and others.

The design is built on the assumption that when we have new information, we have new possibilities. It is for self exploration and reflection which aims at promoting more “Peace Within, Peace Between and Peace Among”. The program focuses on how to enrich relationship which means to learning how to be more aware of your behaviors, feelings, yearnings and inner resources, such as courage, compassion and unique self, etc. With this new level of awareness, you have more choices and to be more fully human.

Targeted Participants: For Corporations, NGOs, Schools and Individuals, whose expect to build relationships

Modes: Interactive and experiential activities included facilitated discussions, videos, paired activities, roles plays, self-reflections, etc.

Duration: Customized per needs started from a talk, half day workshop to a week journey design

The participants said about this workshop......

  • “A well-structured and customized design for our growing personally and professionally.”
  • “An interactive learning with care and support. Everything prepared for us are from the heart!"
  • "Learning in a relaxing mode and environment with great facilitation!"
  • "The workshop is reminding me a lot of my inner resources to be unleashed."