"Feedback works like a Mirror-it Mirrors Back What and How We are Doing. ~ Dr. L. Michael Hall, Co-Founder of The International Society of Neuro-Semantics®

Thank You Cards from Participants

"A well-prepared and interesting trainer. Inspiring. Extremely useful! Excellent facilitation! Our learning are from our peers with the facilitator's guidance!"

"The Trainer did well in the workshop's time management and even attended to the non-course related questions."

"She is professional & knowledgeable! Creative & Resourceful! "

"An accelerated learner and trainer. Very excellent facilitation to support others to learn and apply quickly at work and in life."

"Very professional, nice, friendly and cheerful! Did well to encourage our brainstorming and feedback. Our neutral thinking is being promoted."

"Its a fruitful experience and learning. She effectively guides us to improve through understanding myself and others."

"She is flexible and open-minded to anything. She guides us many ways to see one thing."

"She is a good facilitator! She stimulates me to be open-minded, neutral and believe in my potentials."

"The trainer is a kind and passionate one who leads us to be truly ourselves and be authentic leader."

"With your professional support, the workshop had been completed smoothly and we obtained numerous positive feedback from the participants. We are deeply convinced that our young professionals had gained much from your experience sharing and training which are of great value to their NLP and self improvement skills."