Second Flex Day K-6 PARENT Survey Results Based on Data from 166 Completed and Submitted Surveys

(Surveys Related to the Feb. 24, 2017, Flex Day)

The charts below reflect the data gathered in response to Questions 4-6 on the survey: what survey takers reported about the time students spent working on Flex Folder work, the time parents spent helping students, and the challenges that parents and/or students experienced during the second Flexible Learning Day.

KINDERGARTEN DATA related to student time, parent time, and challenges encountered -- Based on 39 responses

FIRST GRADE DATA related to student time, parent time, and challenges encountered -- Based on 29 responses

SECOND GRADE DATA related to student time, parent time, and challenges encountered -- Based on 35 responses

THIRD GRADE DATA related to student time, parent time, and challenges encountered -- Based on 25 responses

FOURTH GRADE DATA related to student time, parent time, and challenges encountered -- Based on 47 responses

FIFTH GRADE DATA related to student time, parent time, and challenges encountered -- Based on 26 responses

SIXTH GRADE DATA related to student time, parent time, and challenges encountered -- Based on 22 responses

Below are summary charts reflecting answers given in response to Survey Questions #8, 9, and 11 about teacher availability, what survey takers liked about the Flex Learning Day, and whether USC should continue Flex Learning. (The answers to Survey Question #10 are incorporated into the K-6 grade level chart summaries found earlier in the results . )

Question #11: Column Chart (number values) and Pie Chart (percentages based on 167 completed and returned surveys)

Survey Question #12: What improvements, if any, would you like to see in the Flexible Learning Day program IF USC would use Flex Days in future years?

The open-ended responses to Question #12 are found below.

Answers to Question #12:

What improvements, if any, would you like to see in the Flexible Learning Day program IF USC would use Flex Days in future years?

  • As long as it’s not excessive, I don’t know that the policy needs to state “ 2 day maximum.” We know making up days in June is not productive.
  • Things to do on iPad
  • Just to make sure that each teachers has it specified which assignments need to be done, so you know exactly what and how many need to be turned in
  • As long as the instructions are put together well then no improvements.
  • None. This is a great thing!!:)
  • Please send work home that doesn’t require scissors or glue. We can’t seem to ever find extras of these at home.
  • I think they are just fine
  • In the future when my kids are older and lessons more demanding I won’t be able to contact a teacher because work won’t be done until after 3.
  • I really like the themes they do with the days- it like they are learning something fun and engaging for the student.
  • Have all grades follow how 2nd grade packet, easy to follow 2nd grade was 1 packet stabled together. K was a bunch of papers mixed together Day 1 +3 on one side and 2 + 4 on another.
  • I think the No folks should have been invited to answer this too, if it gets shoved through don’t you think they have improvements they would want to make? Poorly constructed survey!
  • ______did better at this than Regular homework Surprisingly enough
  • A packet stapled together day 1, then Day 2 would be helpful 2nd grade material was like that + made it super easy to know we did it right.
  • Why is technology not being used, if every child has an iPad ( grades 3-12) why are teachers not teaching via webex,skype, etc? Instruction on a contact day would be such a novel idea. You get my suggestions anyway, not just the yes folks should be allowed to improve the program.
  • Less work, just because there is allot of time spent all day on the homework.
  • Teachers need to available longer for working parents. Kindergarten has more than a 2nd grader, so it take them a lot longer. Need to fix that.
  • Be sure work that needs to be done is review and not so hard or hasn’t been addressed. Should be work that kids can do on their own. Specifically math. And my child does well in Math.
  • Not as much homework
  • More reading &/or Spelling He did it too quickly :)
  • I’m fine with it.
  • No improvement. It was great that it was something she loved to do by herself and it did not take to long. Also I could help if she needed help.
  • It seems fine -- We would much rather this than make up the days.
  • Making sure that students who don’t have access to the internet at home are not penalized for not having work completed -- This is a high school issue. We not have Internet in our home.
  • For Third grade I thought it was great! Keep up the great job you are doing.
  • For high schoolers I’d like to see less work. I want my children to enjoy snow outside. Elementary could but high school or at least 8 & 10th grade had way too much work. Example 2 pg paper for choir!!!
  • It works well
  • I had absolutely o problems or issues with the FLD program. Please continue it in future years.
  • My Student is A fast Learner and a pretty smart kiddo She completes these learning packets in about an hour.
  • I think it works well for us.
  • Maybe more work for elementary students
  • Work was scaled down this 2nd time which was great.
  • No changes worked well
  • More flex learning days if needed instead of just 2. Having to extend the school year isn’t needed if this is available.
  • Use assignments that don’t demand so much help from the parents specifically math.
  • If possible Online Assignments, other districts have All online assignments and it works Fine Also.
  • It seems to work well as it is.
  • If the calendar has 2 snow days built in, why do we need flex days?
  • More AR reading
  • None, It was good.
  • I wouldn’t make any changes.
  • it was very helpful.
  • None it was fun, easy, and short. If you decide to keep doing this, please do:)
  • It’s good
  • Less time to complete for older children No New subjects/material they havent learned.
  • I think kids need to be allowed 2 days to complete work for families who have both parents working and don’t have time in the evening to help multiple kids w/ their work.
  • No Keep it up!
  • 1st grade flex folder was fine:)
  • The amount of homework was great for both 2nd & Kindergarten.
  • Everything has gone well both days!
  • maybe a little more math/hands on work sheets.
  • it would be nice if the child could complete most of the work on their own. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time when both parents work. My child is behind other children so he needed extra help.
  • None--She enjoyed doing them--easy for her--Was done in less than an hour.
  • None
  • I don’t think anything needs to be improved, it is great!
  • Additional Comment: My son enjoyed the email from the Teacher explaining what to do for the day! Way to go Mrs. Carlson:)
  • No improvements.
  • none
  • More instructions more in depth detail on each assignment
  • none--worked great for us!
  • None
  • Better instructions + teachers sorting papers for day 1 + 2 instead of at home.
  • Grades 4th and higher have all online assignments.
  • Not having to make days up
  • its good
  • I am on Fridays so I was able to help during the day --it gave my kids reassurance that there would be help if they needed it. On the other snow day we were unable to help until evening which I know both my kids had meltdowns and frustrations (Fear of unknown, anxieties) My 4th grader tried to email teacher it did not work. I feel the 2nd Flex day went smoother than the first. It is a learning curve; we need to get kinks (cont. from back) out if it during a work day we just need to remember we are working parents as well as working teachers and depending on the day , some are very stressful No one wants 2-3+ hours of homework. It is overwhelming for everyone.
  • can’t think of any
  • Better/Clearer instructions
  • Not to have work that needs to use of textbooks or previous assignments as they may not have these in the event of Snowdays. This isn’t something they can prepare for.
  • Think this is a great alternative to make up snow days!
  • I felt that some of the assignments in the older elementary folder were too advanced for them to do on their own. Keep them achievable
  • That we have more flex learning days instead than Just 2 days.
  • None
  • Different options for phy ed. Like shoveling snow or playing outside etc. The kids got sick of the repetitiveness of pushups etc it would be a nice option
  • If you are an employee (PARA) @ School -- the problem is on “make up days” you & your children are at school, but w/ the Flex your kids don’t make up the days but it becomes a problem for para b/c we have to pay x-Tra to find daycare while we make up days.
  • None that we can think of
  • I feel as though they are a good idea, however I work overnights and my husband works days so it is a struggle to get the amount of work done without me losing sleep or him losing work.
  • About ½ the work assigned -- there was too much. During the 1st Flex Day, __________ spent her entire day doing schoolwork with no play time in order to finish the packet --into the evening -- more time than a school day!
  • For 3rd grade reading, the questions are on the back of the story. Can we have questions on a separate paper? It’s silly, but that caused a lot of stress because we couldn’t answer the questions while looking at the story. The second day was better than the first day. I still think the 3rd grade workload was too much.
  • you can do it at home on a device.

Addendum: Below are copies of notes survey takers wrote beside their multiple choice answers on the printed survey form. Any explanatory note within parentheses has been added to provide some context for the note.

Notes Survey Takers Placed Beside Multiple Choice Answers (3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11)


The “Other” Multiple Choice Answers for Survey Question #9

Survey Question #3: Did your child receive sufficient instruction to complete the assigned work?

  • 2nd grade material great.
  • KIndergarten horrible to follow
  • These are all review items.
  • 2nd packet was better than 1st (Comment added to “Yes” answer)
  • -less is more; simple instructions rather than full page or BOLD FONT DIRECTIONS:) (This comment was added to the survey taker’s “For the most part” answer choice.)
  • Pre K-2 (The note is added after “Yes” answer choice.) 3-6 (The note is added after “For the most part” answer choice.)
  • It would be nice to make it clearer what the choices are for each subject.

Survey Question #4: How much time did your child spend on schoolwork during the Flex Learning Day?

  • Home @ 5pm & he is still working (Comment added to answer indicating that survey taker’s 4th grader had spent 5 hours or more on Flex Folder work)
  • I felt 2nd packet had much less work to do so that helped a lot. (The comment was added to survey taker’s response related to a kindergarten student. The survey response indicates that the students had worked 2 hours on Flex Folder work.)
  • 2 kids working on it didn’t keep track of time also had them do extra activities (The note was added after the survey taker’s “Not sure” answer choice about his or her second grader and preschooler.)
  • less than--11/2 hours. (The note was added after the survey taker’s “2 hours” answer choice for his or her second child in Grades K-6.)
  • This 2nd trial wasn’t any different than the first. The only reason it took less time was because I was able to be home to help them and the “BIngo” row they chose happened to be easier.
  • but we spent more time on it doing additional activities (more than the 4 assigned) FUN!!! (The comment was added to survey taker’s “1 hour or less” answer choice about his or her Pre-K student.)
  • --We simply did not have more than 4 hours to give to this on this day as her relatives came from ______________to visit, with a cousin her age. (This note was added after the survey taker’s “4 hours” answer choice.)
  • ? (The survey taker placed a question mark in front of the #5 question .)

Survey Question #6: How much time did your child spend on schoolwork during the Flex Learning Day? -

  • less than--11/2 hours. Less than 2 hours to help both. - Kindergartener needed instructions read but did most by themselves. - 4th grader was able to do majority on own. Asked ?’s reviewed answers (The notes were added after the survey taker’s “2 hours” answer choice for his or her second child in Grades K-6.)
  • Willing did activities w/ child
  • Including homework
  • Couldn’t locate packet.

Survey Question #7: How much time did you spend helping your child? Answer #5 child?

  • Needed help for the complete span of flex day packet
  • only ✓’ed it.
  • All two Hours
  • no help
  • 20 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • 2 hrs
  • hour or 2
  • 2 hrs
  • 4 hours
  • 1.30 hrs
  • no help
  • 1 hr

Survey Question #8: Were teachers available via email during the Flex Learning Day?

  • Wasn’t available while kids worked on their packets totalling 5 hours, no snow day at their work.
  • Did it on Sunday because Flex day was Friday
  • but she said she knew she could (Comment added to survey taker’s “I did not attempt to contact teachers” answer)
  • - They had connection issues (This comment is added after the “No” answer choice.)
  • Flex Day #2 (This note was added to the survey taker’s answer “I did not attempt to contact teachers.” Flex Day #1 (This comment was added to the survey taker’s “Yes” answer choice.)

Survey Question #9 “Other” answers -- What did you like about the Flexible Learning Day (Check all that apply.)

  • She would not have studied had it not been required.
  • None of these options affect our life enough to check. Making up snow days does not affect our schedules in any way.
  • I don’t like it. If I wanted to homeschool or do classes online we wouldn’t need USC.
  • Nothing, unless I get the teacher pay back as a taxpayer.
  • Please don’t let the negativity of a few parents wreck this in future years. Work out the kinks and continue to implement this.
  • Not a bother because he’s so young but may be more of a hassle the older they get and contacting teachers for help.
  • I thought it was Stupid!
  • The kids took Ownership of the work
  • We like Flex Folders for the purpose of not having to make up school days at the end of the year. However, I do not find this option more beneficial to the academics of our children compared to attending a make-up day for school.
  • helped keep consistency in the event of no school
  • (At least Not for Students) (This note was added after the survey taker’s “The school calendar will remain more predictable because at least this dqy won’t have to be made up as a regular day” answer choice.)
  • Love it!

Survey Question #10 -- Please answer this question about any challenges you or your student(s) had on the Flex Learning Day. Please check all that apply.

  • !!! (Exclamation points are placed before the answer choice reading as follows: I couldn’t help with assignments until evening, and there wasn’t time to do all the work.)
  • beyond what I(the parent) who was filling in as the teacher(for no pay) or is this question intending to find out if teachers were not needed? These are mutually exclusive items one does Not Mean the other was true. Again No Snowday for me
  • math only (Note was made to explain survey taker’s “Assignments were too demanding” -- Survey taker saw the 4th Grade math assignment as too demanding.)
  • Items are too easy and a waste of time. (The comment is added to survey taker’s “My student experienced no challenges that he or she couldn’t address” answer choice about his or her 6th grade child.)
  • None, It was good
  • I just happened to have this day off of work and was able to help throughout the day. If I had to work like usual, I would have checked the 4th box instead of the 3rd
  • w/ my help (Note was written after survey taker’s “My student experienced no challenges that he or she couldn’t address” answer choice about his or her 2nd grader.)

Survey Question #11 -- This survey follows the second and final day of the USC’s Trial Flexible Learning Day initiative. In general, would you like to see USC have Flexible Learning Days during next year -- during the 2017-18 school year (maximum of two days)?

  • I Don’t Know (This comment was made instead of making “Yes” or “No” choice.)
  • One survey taker who answered “Yes” to #11 underlined the “maximum of two days” language in Question #11.
  • I am confused why my daughter’s packet says Days 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 if it is only a max of 2 days?
  • No, I thought it was perfect!