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Instructions for "Back-to-School" Registration

Parents and Guardians,

In order to efficiently send and receive information with all families, USC staff are in the process of transitioning to a limited mailing and posting most of the information on the USC website or in JMC. USC staff members are sharing informational documents on the USC website and asking parents to answer questions and enter registration data in JMC.

To successfully register your child/children, follow the steps below. Note: If you do need a paper copy of any document, contact the school at 507-553-5819.

  1. Read the Principal's Welcome Letter (the copy you receive in the mail, email, or the one posted on this site).

  2. Click the JMC Family Portal link (Please make sure you are on the 2022-2023 school year.) and sign in to the JMC family to complete the online registration process on JMC.

  3. Review the informational documents provided on this site (Use the tabs at the top to navigate this site.)

  4. Locate the downloadable documents posted on this site and complete any online forms linked to this site that pertain to your children.

Note: You will be asked to review and update your email and phone data. Also, you may be asked to answer questions related to FOOD SERVICE, TRANSPORTATION, and OTHER CONCERNS.

USC Mission Statement:

“Establishing Opportunities for Tomorrow’s Learning . . . Today!”

USC Vision Statement:

“A united community preparing every student to thrive today and excel tomorrow!”