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At United Cities we invest in People, Partnerships and Places. How can we make 10.000 cities better, together?

United Cities
A Not For Profit connecting Cities and Solutions

The face of the United Cities Family is United Cities International, a Not For Profit headquartered in Austria. This is our Hub for cities and regions. Programs are supported by the United Cities Funds / SDG Impact Fund, based in the US, while program services are provided by our Profit for Purpose Hub in Norway.

Our ambition
Net Zero Prosperity in 10.000 Cities

We want to give cities and communities everywhere the building blocks they need to pursue sustainability and Net Zero Prosperity. Our bold target is to reach 10.000 cities globally by 2030. Guided by data and using catalytic technology and finance.

Get involved
Join the Movement

Regardless of your position or status, United Cities has a place for you to get involved. As an intern in our internship program, as a global expert, solutions provider, investor or partner in one of our regional programs. Connected through a network of United Future Labs.

Net Zero Urban Program
COP27, Sharmelsheik, Egypt

This Global Program, Co-develed by KPMG and United Cities and launced at COP27 in Egypt, spans data and technology to sustain urban development, a respository of solution, as well as facilities to connect needs to resources.

United Cities and KPMG launch the Net Zero Urban Program at COP27
Join our platform to support 10.000 global cities

Today, cities contribute to 70% of the world's emissions, consume more than 75% of the world's natural resources and by 2050, two thirds of the world population are expected to live in cities. To enhance the impact, this will focus on cities.

United Cities and KPMG are proud to launch the Net Zero Urban Program. The aim is to bridge sustainable technological solutions and capital using technology and partnership. This program has developed a common, broad approach which is replicable and measurable, unlocking digital solutions by matching them with capital to help contribute to sustainable cities worldwide.

"The time for half-measures, incrementalism and siloed actors is over. There are 10,000 cities with 50,000 people in the world. We are committed together with KPMG and our global partners to reach all 10,000 cities by 2030, scaling 10X from the first 1,000 in the next year. To meet the magnitude of this goal, United Cities has partnered with SDG Impact Fund to create United Cities Funds as a global catalytic capital facility dedicated to enabling all 10,000 cities to transition to NetZero prosperity across the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030"
-Kari A. Eik, United Cities Executive Director

Meet our global team during upcoming events

  • United Nations General Assembly (UNGA77) side event, New York, September 15th 2022

  • National Urban Forum Azerbaijan (NUFA), Baku, October 5th - 6th 2022

  • Towards COP27: UNECE Regional Forum on Climate Initiatives to Finance Climate Action and the SDGs, Geneva, Octobre 17th 2022

  • COP27, Sharm El Sheikh, November 6th - 18th 2022

  • The 11th International Envirocities Conference 2022 - “Sustainable Smart and resilient Cities Applications", Fujairah UAE, 22th – 24th November 2022

  • Energy Globe World Award, Vienna, Austria, November 30th 2022

Join United Cities on

United Cities partner with Sharaf Foundation for Sustainable Development
Cairo 22/09/2022

The Sharaf Foundation for Sustainable Development is an independent non-profit charitable foundation whose vision it is to create a fulfilling and sustainable life for present and future generations. In support of this vision the Sharaf Foundation participates in building, developing and empowering domestic and international sustainable communities through collaborative partnerships with multiple stakeholders at all levels and in various fields. United Cities, KPMG and Sharaf Foundation co-hosted a Net Zero Mobility Roundtable at KPMG´s Cairo office on September 22nd 2022 (Photos: Lamia Farouk)

Kicking Off the United Cities Internship Program 2022
Norway 19/09/2022

A Public Private Partnership bringing young people from 8 nations to Norway for a paid 10 month internship. A chance of a lifetime to explore sustainability and make an impact.

"As a local bank we contribute to a sustainable future for our region, and this work is a natural part of our social responsability."

-Allan Troelsen, CEO SpareBank1 Nordmøre and Internship Sponsor

Energy Globe Foundation Signs Agreement with United Cities
Connecting cities to the leading sustainability prize in the world

Energy Globe Foundation and the Energy Globe Award has a presence in 187 countries, and has recognised 10.000 contributions to energy conservation and sustainable development.

Net Zero Mobility Roundtable
Cairo 22/09/20222

The Sharaf Foundation for Sustainable Development, KPMG and United Cities host Net Zero roundtable. Exploring the potential for Net Zero Prosperity and how simulations can inform and guide investments All in preparation for COP27 in November.

UNGA77: United Cities and Sustain Chain Partner
New York 15/09/2022

A public service platform, Sustain Chain is built to unite the efforts of investors, innovators, government and non-profits to rebuild supply chains and make adequate progress toward reaching a sustainable future.

Energy Globe Award
Incentivising Sustainable Development
Energy Globe Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Austrian energy pioneer Wolfgang Neumann. Building on 30 years of experience in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energies, Energy Globe Foundation is a global leader in the area of sustainability.

"Energy Globe is a global forum for ecological change to foster awareness about the good sense of sustainable action.”

-Maneka Gandhi, Minister for Women and Child Development, India chairwoman of Energy Globe Jury, INDIA

United Cities Sports
Enabling Sustainability Bottom-Up

The United Cities’ vision for sports and sustainability is to accelerate sustainability through sport and it’s unique positioning in our local and global communities. All in keeping with supporting a global, bottom-up movement towards sustainability.

Why Sports are Important

  • Sports can be at the heart of neighbourhoods and communities

  • Sports brands are important activation mechanisms

  • Sports leagues and events have the power to affect change

  • Athletes are influencers that can change behaviours and benefit society

Stavanger Declaration
Nordic Edge

  1. Give people people everywhere updated knowledge about how sustainable their community is.

  2. Develop societal plans that show how the Sustainable development will happen

  3. Engage and support citizens, businesses, organisations and acadmia contributing to sustainable development

  4. Measure and evaluate the impact of our actions

Building a movement

Listen Link & Learn

In order to reach 10.000 cities by 2030, we need a mindset, and tools that scale to the occasion. And it begins with the individual, and caring about what others are trying to do, what they need to be successful, and investing

What we have to offer

Setting up regional spaces for Sustainable Value Creation

  • 10X technology

  • Catalytic Capital

  • Knowledge and networks

All available through the physical / digital United Future Labs, and United Leaders programs.

"Cities are responsible for 80% of Global GDP, and 70-80% of global energy use and fully 80% of global carbon emissions.

There is no question - change cities, and you change the world.

The bold and necessary target of 10.000 cities by 2030 brings the realization of SDG 11 into reach, and holds everything that SDG 17, Partnership for the Goals, is meant to bring about."

-Will Kennedy, Senior Officer, UN Fund for International Partnerships and UN Office for Partnerships

United Cities Funds - Finance for Good
SDG Impact Fund

United Cities Funds is managed in partnership with SDG Impact Fund. United Cities Funds is a unified financial platform and family of benchmark instruments and funds grown and delivered worldwide.

LG Nova Capital Alliance

San Fransisco, 22/02/2022, Press Release

United Cities Funds joins SDG Impact Fund as Founding Members of

LG NOVA Capital Alliance, towards a better, more connected future.

We aim to Kick-start a Network of Investors Created to Support Startups with Emphasis on Impact Innovation

SDG Impact Fund
Custodians of United Cities Funds

A Donor Advised Fund dedicated to the UN Sustainable Development

Goals by evolving assets into catalytic impact and mission related investments that can be deployed worldwide in innovative and game-changing ways.

What is a DAF?
Donor Advised Funds

A DAF is similar to your own private foundation, yet without cumbersome administration process or limitations. SDGIF combines traditional DAF benefits with a powerful network and collaboration at the speed of trust for regenerative impact.

Strategic Finance Advisory Board
Global Impact Investment and New Economy Experts

Knowledge networks and sharing is an integral part of United Cities value add. We work with some of the greatest minds around to inspire, inform and direct actions and investments.

Norway National United Cities Program
A national Network of Excellence

Norway is United Cities Hub for research and development and sandbox for models and processes

United Cities Philippines
Part of a global network of United Future Labs

Under the Stewardship of our Regional United Cities Director, Ms Seok Mei Goh, the United Future Lab (SDG Centre) was opened in the city of Cauayan by Philippines Minister of Science and Technology, H.E. Prof. De La Pena.

Bringing the lights back on

With less then 2 hours of electricity per day, both people´s quality of life and the potential for value creation is impaired. Becoming Net Positive Energy means a better life, and opportunities to grow new businesses.

Net Zero Energy in Lebanon

Combining proven technology with social innovation and new business models, United Cities works with local entrepreneurs and global tech partners to provide renewable, clean and affordable energy.

Learn with United Leaders
Doing the right things right at the right time

United Leaders Leadership Development and Strategic Services is delivered through learning programs, immersive experiences and systemic consultation to equip city leaders to accelerate and manage better, sustainable futures.

Train the trainer
We believe in training local resources in our methods and concepts

Our Operational Readiness Training Concept is a research-based training method that allows participants to both learn the methods of United Cities and train on their own future reality in an efficient way.

Techology Enabled Urban Development
Using urban data and digital twins to simulate alternative futures

To speed up time and get more done before 2030 we are using catalytic technology to engage stakeholders across all sectors in practical discussions: What do cities need and what are the best solutions?

United Cities Executive Leadership and Board
A strong global network of experts and SDG Advocates

In addition to our main Board, United Cities global initatives are supported by strategic advisory boards. Most notably, our Finance Board gathers global thought leaders within impact investment and the new economy.

Sustainable Development in Images
Meet our Photographers

Many of the magnificant images scattered across our website have been shot by United Cities partner photographers, Marylise Vigneau and Aun Raza. Sustainable Development is also a process of discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary, powered by the arts.

Aun Raza


Aun has been taking pictures since the last 15 years. His practice combines portraits of strong souls, street scenes and landscapes answered in a conversation that he desires long, dense, and often with humour.


Marylise Vigneau


Marylise Vigneau is an award winning documentary photographer and author usually based between Austria and Pakistan. Raised in a Parisian family with a complex history, Marylise developed an early taste for investigation and justice.

United Cities Project Services
Profit for Purpose

In order to support our parters and programs around the world, United Cities International has established United Cities Project Services. This Profice for Purpose entity is located in Trondheim and Ålesund, Norway, one of the most innovative regions in Europe and Norways capital of tech.