Journal of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of UT

ISSN: 2545-4072 (Print)

UDC: 5

Publisher: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Republic of Macedonia


Year of first issue: 2014

Annual issues of the journal: 2 (two)

The journal of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is an international journal that is published by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (University of Tetova). A journal that covers a wide spectrum of fields and seeks articles related and articles that focus on the natural sciences (Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Sciences. The journal seeks to publish experimental, theoretical as well as computational studies. All the papers in this journal have undergone the process of editorial screen and peer review.

Topics covered in this journal are as follow:


· Software and Hardware Architectures

· Systems on Chip

· Communications and Networking

· Sensor Networks

· Application Analysis

· Internet of Things

· Information Systems

· Information Security

· Business Information Management

· Software Engineering

· ICT in Education


· Algebra and Geometry

· Mathematical Analysis with Statistic and Probability

· Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations

· Function Analysis and Topology


· Geography and Regional Development

· Geography and Environment


· Biology and Physiology

· Zoology

· Ecology and Environmental Protection

· Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

· Botanic and Ethnobotanics


· Materials Science

· Nanotechnology

· Biomaterials

· Nanostructures

· Biopolymers

· Molecular Dynamics

· Theoretical Physics

· Environmental Sciences

· Science Education


· Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

· Inorganic Chemistry and Technology

· Analytical Chemistry and Environment

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