Journal of Applied Sciences-SUT

ISSN: 1857-9930 (Print)

ISSN: 2671-3047 (Online)

UDC: 72 62 69

Publisher: Faculty of Applied Sciences, Tetova, Republic of North Macedonia

e-mail: rms@unite.edu.mk

Year of first issue: 2015

Annual issues of the journal: 2 (two)

Journal of Applied Sciences – SUT of the Faculty of Applied Sciences since its first edition in 2015 has walked successfully until nowadays. This journal published by the University of Tetova, is a great chance for scientists, professors, doctoral students, undergraduate students and other experts to publish their papers and scientific research in the fields of architecture, construction, mechatronics, geodesy, geomechanics, traffic and transport.

The aim is to improve and develop the scientific publications. Basically, most of the issues that are elaborated in this journal serve as a good start up who increase the applicative and scientific character in the region and beyond. Moreover, it influences the development of different fields of the applied sciences.

It is a great honor to present the scientific achievements so far. Ideas, critiques and suggestions that serve in solving scientific problems, as well as new project proposals, are more than welcome to be part of this journal in the next issues. Therefore, we are looking forward for the initiatives of young researches and all those who want to share their experiences. Whereas we sincerely thank those who have accompanied us in this journey by hoping that this cooperation will continue to strengthen our partnership.

Right of use: The entire text of the publications published on the website, can be used free for personal or educational purpose, with regard for the copyrights of the authors and the publishers. The scholars and the students who use the electronic text shall specifically indicate in their papers the origin of the bibliographic datum from the journal issue.