International Journal of Human Sciences

ISSN: 1857-8535 (Print)

UDC: 81 / UDC: 82

Publisher: Faculty of Philology, Tetova, Republic of Macedonia


Year of first issue: 2014

Annual issues of the journal: 2 (two)

Within the framework of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Tetova, the “Filologjia” (Philology) journal is published, as one of the most important journals of this faculty. With the publication of this journal, the Faculty of Philology has made a crucial step towards the attempts to raise the awareness about open scientific debates, aiming at achieving philological knowledge.

The journal research papers, in the first place, represent attempts deriving from the research-scientific work of our scholars from within the country and abroad, in order to enlighten the scientific truth on the Albanian language, literature, and culture as well as the language, literature, and culture of other peoples in the Balkans. These papers are pervaded by the theoretical research character, as well as by field work. The content of the journal is especially enriched by topics that deal with the cleansing, enriching and correct spelling of the language – topics that have attracted the interest of readers for ages.

The “Filologjia” (Philology) journal is open to all scholars and researchers in the field of Albanology and welcomes the cooperation with all of those that wish to discuss important issues in philological disciplines. Therefore, without aiming at making this journal the central discussion table, where all philological issues and problems would be resolved, we consider that it will somehow help the research approaches in the mentioned fields.

Its main aim is to establish in researchers and readers a correct and sound concept regarding philological values in general and national values of the Albanian languagein particular. It also aims at helping the young generation establish clear and modern ideas about the values of different languages and especially the values of the standard Albanian language.

We believe that the “Filologjia” (Philology) journal will play an important role in affirming scientific values in the field of philology in general and it will be the worthiest tracker of scientific results achieved in the mentioned institution.

Right of use: The entire text of the publications published on the website, can be used free for personal or educational purpose, with regard for the copyrights of the authors and the publishers. The scholars and the students who use the electronic text shall specifically indicate in their papers the origin of the bibliographic datum from the journal issue.