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[seminar] Metaverse event

Strolling in the Metaverse, 14.12.2022, EUI, 11-16 CET

I will take part in this seminar and talk about grounds for regulating the Metaverse

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[seminar] Metaverse event

Regulate the Metaverse?, 8-9.12.2022

My Department at the University of Salento and the Centre de Droit Economique (Aix-en-Marseille Uni) are launching the Italo-French Symposium on Digital Sovreignty.

Its inaugural event will be a two-day ASCOLA conference on competition law and regulation of the Metaverse.

Attend online: click here

[publication] read my new paper

Analyzing Language to Identify Stakeholders, The Regulatory Review (UPenn), 12.9.2022

I theorize that using computational NLP tool in public consultation processes could enhance participation in rulemaking.

[video] Fabiana Di Porto ha partecipato alle Audizioni informali presso la
I Commissione Affari Costituzionali del Senato, sull'Affare assegnato n. 1144

14 luglio 2022, ore 14

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[seminar] Law & Reg Tech Seminar II ed. on NFTs & Metaverses vs Law inaugurating
April 7, 2022

First Seminar on

NFTs & Metaverses: Recreating Institutions vs Public Law

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video] Fabiana Di Porto will participate in the Public Hearing on Dark Patterns before the European Parliament on March 16, 2022!

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[webinar] Fabiana Di Porto and Gabriele Volpi will present prof. Di Porto's new article 'Algorithmic Disclosure Rules' at the AI LAB of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center

21.12.2021 11 a.m. [LINK]

[conference] Fabiana Di Porto and Tatjana Grote will present their article with co-authors Gabriele Volpi and Riccardo Invernizzi 'I see something you don't see' at the Stanford conference on 'Computational Antitrust 3.0'

14.12.2021, 17-20 CET

[publication] Open access on Springer Journal 'Artificial Intelligence and Law' prof. Di Porto's new article 'Algorithmic Disclosure Rules'


[publication] Su Cloud, Intelligenza Artificiale e Sandbox - Il Sole 24 Ore


[publication] Our paper I see something you don't see. A computational analysis of the DSA and DMA has just been published on Stanford Computational Antitrust!!

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[video] here is a videopodcast of our paper I see something you don't see. A Computational analysis of the DSA and DMA, published on Stanford Computational Antitrust,
in different formats:


[publication] Our paper 'AI and Competition Law. A computational analysis of the DSA and DMA' has just been published on Concurrences!! (It is a short version of the Stanford paper)

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[webinar] La regolazione dell'IA tra esigenze di mercato e tutela dei diritti fondamentali | ASTRID LED

Fabiana Di Porto | DSA e DMA: scopi, soggetti, regole. Una actio finium regundorum

LINK alla Presentazione QUI

. 25.5.2021, 15-17.45 CEST

[webinar] Digital Competition Café,

Fabiana Di Porto
Gives a first snapshop of the Computational Analysis of DMA and DSA paper, in conversation with Christophe Carugati

. 11.5.2021, 19 CEST


Law & Reg


the EthinAI

[Ethics in AI]

Research Network

Law & Reg Tech Seminar 2021 link

[slides] first take on the
Data Governance Act, by
Fabiana Di Porto
presentation [in Italian] on
Data sharing in the EU: Inaugurating a 'new season'