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Our aim is to discuss current topics in algebra, by organizing meetings of various types, such as seminars, talks, and mini-courses, in an informal and interactive setting.


The talks will be held in the classroom  "Aula Seminari" at the building "Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica "Ennio De Giorgi" and they will also be available online through the platform Google Meet


Professors, researchers, Ph.D students, and students from all over the world and universities can interact and program a talk with us. 


Current topics in the area of algebra are welcome!

Our main interests are described on the page Research.

It is holiday time! Have a wonderful summer! 

See you in the fall!


To get the link to the online events, please send a request to 


    You can find us on Instagram!

Přemysl Jedlička (Università del Salento)  31/05/2023 - Aula Seminari (Lecce)

Title: "Cocyclic involutive solutions of Yang-Baxter equation" - poster

Title: "Automatic deduction and the Yang-Baxter equation" - poster

Title: "Magnifying elements of a semigroup" - poster