last updated 05/02/2022

Why a new Manifesto?

Because so many different people - teachers, researchers, students and citizens - wanted all together to give a civil testimony regarding the social, scientific and cultural error and the profound inhumanity of every form of racism. Because in this rapidly changing world, reaffirming the principle of equality between human beings - in their rights and duties as citizens of the world and in full respect of the values ​​of our Constitution - becomes more important day by day.

Why human diversity?

Because today understanding human diversity has become an indispensable factor for social cohesion and civil coexistence. Because human diversity is a simple fact that concerns our biology and our culture. Because human diversity is not, and must not become, an instrument of discrimination, but must be seen for what it really means: a key to our evolutionary success, a value for the present and a treasure to be preserved for the future.

Why human unity?

Because the environments and contexts in which our species, Homo sapiens, has always lived have forged the differences that we observe today, but without affecting our unity. We are all the result of the same evolutionary history, which has led to the appearance on the planet earth of hypersocial animals with an extraordinary and unparalleled capacity for abstract thought.

Who is this message for?

To all people who are interested in understanding human diversity and who want to reflect on the themes of race and racism. The text will be supplemented by explanations of the terms of less frequent use, in-depth information, more detailed information on the most topical subjects and further food for thought.

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The Manifesto of Human Diversity and Unity is an initiative of the Istituto Italiano di Antropologia