3. Pre-Enrollment

GET YOUR STUDENT VISA (Type D)!!! (Only for Non-EU citizens non residents in Italy)

Non-EU students who receive the pre-acceptance (invitation) letter from Sapienza must apply for the "pre-enrollment" at the local Italian Embassy/Consulate or Italian Cultural Institute in order to obtain the Student Visa, submitting the Form A jointly to the required documents and the pre-admission (invitation) letter received from Sapienza (Lettera di idoneità accademica). This procedure is mandatory and the deadline is annually established by the Italian Government. Please, check directly to the Italian Consulate and Embassy in your Country to know all the details of this procedure and ask for the Declaration of Value. We strongly suggest to apply as soon as possible because for each Country the open positions by the Italian Government are limited.

Diploma Supplement may replace the Declaration of Value. Diploma Supplement is provided free of charge and directly in English language to EU and Non-EU citizens graduated in countries belonging to the European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process). Ask it to your university. If your university is not able to provide you the Diploma Supplement, please go to the Italian Consulate and Embassy in your Country to ask for the Declaration of Value of your academic degrees.

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