Full Professor of International Business

Dean of the Department of Economics and Management

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Research interests

International business, family business internationalization, corporate governance and internationalisation, export intensity, industrial districts

A picture with IB leading scholars (and friends)

Roger Strange, Jean François Hennart, Antonio Majocchi and Peter Buckley in Pavia - 11/11/2013

Curriculum vitae (very short version)

Full Professor in International Business, Faculty of Economics, University of Pavia (2016). Dean of the Department (2017-current); President Parco Tecnico Scientifico (2015) (Pavia Science Park)

Former director of the Master Course (Laurea magistrale) in Economics and International Business MIBE

Visiting Professor, D’Amore-McKim Business school, Northeastern University (2016), Facultat d’Economia, Departament de Direccio d’Empreses “Juan Josè Renau Piqueras”, Valencia Spain (2012), Visiting Reasearch Fellow (2008-2009) Dept. of Management, King's College, University of London, Visiting Professor IECS, Universitè Robert Schuman Strasbourg (2006 - 2010); Visiting Professor Universidad de Alcalà (2007), Visiting Scholar Dept. of Management, King's College, University of London, (2005); Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics, University of Reading (UK), (1996); Assistant Professor in Management and Business Economics, Università dell'Insubria, Varese (1994); Ph.D in Management and Business Economics Bocconi University Milan (1994); Graduated cum laude, University of Pavia, (1991)

Member of: EIBA; AIDEA, Academy of International Business, European Community Studies Association.

Managing director Haematologica & Member of the board of the Ferrata Storti Foundation