The Uniontown Chiropractic Center was founded by Dr. Garret Breakiron in 1984. It presently houses an 8,000 sq. ft. building and has 3 full time Chiropractor’s and a 7 support staff team. The Uniontown Chiropractic Center prides itself in utilizing the Petition Spinal Biomechanics Technique. Which greatly differs from most Chiropractors in that its adjusting principals are based on biomechanics and physics principals along with specific line analysis, x-rays designed to make the proper adjustments to alleviate neuromuscular conditions. The office is equipped with a complete therapy department in which various modalities including cervical and lumbar computerized mechanical traction, electrical muscle stimulation, class 2 and class 4 laser therapies, ultrasound, therapeutic massage and a 4,000 sq. ft. exercise rehabilitation facility. The office utilizes digital x-rays which greatly decreases radiation exposure to the patient and also provides much clearer images as compared to regular type x-ray machines.