Oster Wonder League Robotics

Welcome to the Oster Wonder League Robotics Home Page. This is our first year offering an after school robotics club. We are using Dash and Dot robots and will be participating in the Wonder League Competition this year. The competition starts on Oct 17th when we get this years missions. We will have five teams consisting of four students per team that will be competing this year. This was only open to 5th grade student this year and students were chosen through a lottery system to ensure that every student that applied had a fair chance of landing a spot.

Students will be grouped and allowed time to explore the functions of Dash and Dot through scroll quests that teach them the basics. They will then get a chance to practice past challenges in the warm up to the start of the competition on Oct 17th. We will use this site to share updates, pictures, and videos so you can share in our teams adventure.