Come rise with me...

Mrs. Nupur Sethi (Room 14)

My name is Nupur which means anklet in Hindi language. I have called US my home for more than 15 years. Colorado is where I went to school and spent most of the time. California is my new home and I am loving being here! I am a credential teacher K-8 with a Masters in Education from University of Colorado, Boulder . I am a substitute turned into a full time teacher in the Union School District. I am in my second year of full time teaching in the district (subbed for a year in USD). I have two little kids. I love to do a variety of things when I am not teaching: hiking, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, taking my kids on outdoor adventures, Indian classical dance. In short, I am a nature-loving, fitness aficionado, learner and an adventure seeker!

I believe that I can’t teach unless I have learnt and if learning is insightful and thorough, teaching will be precise, liberating and empowering. I will never stop being a learner because the learning process must be fresh, living and continuous, which is what will elevate me as a teacher to teach with an empowering empathy. Learning is a process and I focus on the process and the results will follow! I am excited for all we are going to learn and explore in the year of 2017-2018!