Welcome to 2nd Grade AND 3rd Grade!

I would like to welcome my new students to my class! I am so excited to teach both grades. I have taught a 2/3 class before and it was a WONDERFUL experience. I look forward to getting to know each student a little better this year. Although we are beginning the year with distance learning, we will begin the year with some fun online activities to get to know each other. This school year will be an adventure, and together we will make this a positive experience.

Mrs. Lopez sent out a Welcome Back letter to Lietz families. This letter is full of very helpful information. You can find it here: Welcome Back Letter

Supplies Needed

School supply pick up is Friday, August 15 at 10:00.

I recommend that you check out your school chromebook. Please fill out this form to arrange for chromebook pick up: http://bit.ly/usd-chromebook.

Suggested supplies: markers, colored pencils, deck of cards, white board eraser or old sock, headphones, highlighter, spiral notebook

We use PAWS!

At Lietz we use like to use PAWS inside and outside the classroom. What are PAWS?

Problem Solve

Act Respectfully

Wise Choices

Spread Kindness

Practicing using these skills will teach us to be good citizens in school and in our community.