Mrs. Spencer's Class

School year is coming to an End!

We have some fun activities we will be doing to bring our school year to a close. Check them out:

Swap Meet

For social studies we are studying economics, which is the concept of how we get things that we need and want. Part of this unit is a Swap Meet when all second graders will bring goods or provide and service and will trade, or swap, items or services with each other. There will be a flyer going home soon giving details about this event that will be held on Tuesday, May 29th.

Game Day

Room 22 will have Game Day on Thursday, May 30th. Students can bring board games to school that day to enjoy playing together with classmates.

Field Trip

On Friday, May 31st second graders are going to Levi Stadium to learn and explore in the STEM Lab. We will leave at the very beginning of the school day, so please send your child to school on time. Student may only bring a BAG lunch, no lunchboxes or reusable water bottles are allowed in the stadium.

Park Party

As our end of year party, all second grade classes will be walking to Lone Hill Park on Tuesday, June 4th. At the park students will enjoy free time and a picnic lunch. There will be a sign up genius being sent out to parents to donate supplies for this event coming soon.