Mr. Livingston

Welcome to the Lion's team.


My name is Mr. Livingston, and I provide instruction in the areas of 6th grade mathematics, and science.


I grew up in a small rural village in Ohio, Home to Antioch College. ( Some consider it the "Berkeley of the Midwest")

My youth was filled with running around outside, hanging with friends, playing basketball, riding bikes, school sports, board games, drawing, fishing, model rockets, seasonal jobs, and of course, school!

Once I graduated high school, I joined the United States Navy, and was stationed in Charleston, S.C., after completing my years of service. I used my GI Bill to help pay for college. I graduated from Wright State University, majoring in elementary education. After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Education, I landed a dream placement working with inner city youth at Cleveland Elementary, an arts magnet in Dayton, Ohio.

Four years later, I had the opportunity to move to Silicon Valley and work for a leader in educational software (CCC). A few years later I realized how much I missed teaching and decided to give middle school a try. In 2003, I had the opportunity to join the "All Star" staff at Dartmouth and the rest, as they say... is history.


Here are a few "practical" tips for success:

  1. You will need to embrace a "Growth Mindset"- (Be open minded, try new things, persevere and never give up.)
  2. Remember to turn in homework on time. (Late or missing work can really impact your grades.)
  3. Study for your quizzes and tests (Studying with a friend and/or a parent can be great resource).
  4. Don't be afraid to ask questions in class, especially if you don’t understand a concept. (If you still cannot grasp a concept, don't panic! Sometimes it just takes a little longer, a little more effort, or a little more review.)
  5. New for @Home Learning, we have additional times to check in with your teachers to ask them questions and share concerns. Check the daily schedule, and email your teacher to set an appointment for help and answers.
  6. Always remember to be yourself, be brave, be kind, make new friends, smile, laugh, and have fun! (Life is an adventure, you have to be present.)

I am looking forward to meeting you all soon.


Mr. L