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Seussical Jr. opens tonight with the Ham cast! You can purchase tickets using this link:

Here is the cast list if you need to see which cast your favorite actor is in:

Seussical Jr. Cast List


The Tech Week calendar has been posted. All Tech Week rehearsals are mandatory. Please check the calendar carefully.


The January calendar has been posted. We are adding new rehearsal days in January, Tuesday and Friday, and there are many holidays. Please check the calendar carefully. Let us know if you, have any questions. We are working on the Tech Week calendar now. It should be posted in the next week.


The November / December Calendar has been posted on the Calendar page. Please check dates and times carefully. Rehearsals will not start right after school on conference days. Also, there are several days that we do not have rehearsal or both casts come on one day.


The link to track your volunteer hours has been posted on the Volunteer page.


We have made a change on the September / October rehearsal calendar. October 31st is not a school day. We have made the rehearsal on November 3rd for both casts. There are only 4 characters called.


The cast list has been emailed to the members of the Google group. If you did not receive it you can subscribe on the About Us page. The first rehearsals are Monday or Thursday this week depending on your child's assigned cast. We are looking forward to seeing them there! The rehearsal calendar has been posted for September and October. See the Calendar page.


Auditions are happening this week. They are going really well. The cast list will be emailed to the Drama Club Google Group on Sunday 9/25 at 5:00pm. If you are not a member of the group please join on the About Us page.


Drama Club registration is now live! Visit the Registration page to see the process. Audition Classes are today and tomorrow in the cafeteria from 2:40-5. They are drop in classes.


We are so excited for this year's production of Suessical Jr. We hope you and your children are too! Please explore the Drama Club website. We will be frequently adding new information so check back often. Please contact us if you have any questions. You can find our contact information on the About Us page.

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