What is a comprehensive plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a non-regulatory document that provides information on the existing conditions of Union County, assesses the issues facing the County, establishes a vision for future growth, and formulates goals and strategies to implement the County’s vision.  Although it is not a legislative document, it is now a requirement for all counties in Pennsylvania to create and adopt a Comprehensive Plan according to the State’s planning legislation, the Municipalities Planning Code (Act of 1968, P.L. 805 No. 247 as reenacted and amended). 

Because change is constant, planning is an ongoing process.  The Municipalities Planning Code requires the County to review and update its comprehensive plan at least every ten years.

Overview of the comprehensive plan.

What is the purpose of a comprehensive plan?

What's in the comprehensive plan?

Why is the County doing a update and what role do the citizens of Union County play?

Since the last comprehensive plan was adopted in 2009, changes and influences have come to each of the categories of the major components of the plan. The needs and direction of land use, transportation, housing etc. have changed due to a variety of factors and the County Comprehensive Plan needs to reflect those changes in order to guide future decision making.

Your job, as a citizen, business owner, worker, etc. of Union County is to give us your input! The update process will include various opportunities for you to tell us what is important to you. Surveys, public meetings and stakeholder interviews are some of the ways your voice can be heard. This feedback and input is an integral part of the Comprehensive planning process. So be on the lookout for these opportunities in the coming months!

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