Union Middle School Counseling

Jill Aalderks

Union Middle School Counselor

Email: j_aalderks@union.k12.ia.us

Phone: 319-476-5100

Welcome to the Union Middle School Counseling Page!

I'm Mrs. Aalderks! I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from UNI and a Master's degree in Professional School Counseling from Minnesota State University. I served 3 years as a K-12 Counselor at Armstrong-Ringsted, 7 years at Southeast Polk High School as an At-Risk Counselor, and 4 years as a Grades 7-12 Counselor at Gladbrook-Reinbeck Junior High/High School. I am passionate about helping students through the areas of personal/social, academic, and career counseling.

My family and I live in Cedar Falls, where my husband teaches at the Waterloo Career Center. I have two girls. Maya is 13 and Lola is 11.

I am excited to be in my 16th year of counseling, and my 4th year at UMS. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Go Knights!!

I provide counseling in the areas of Personal/Social, Academic, and College/Career.

Personal/Social Counseling

I provide counseling on personal/social issues individually and in small groups as needed. The topics widely vary from self-esteem/confidence, depression and/or anxiety, Anger/Stress Management, Test-Taking/Study Skills, and Conflict Resolution/Getting along with others. If you would like to refer your child to counseling, please email or call me, or set up an appointment and we can figure out the best plan to help your child.

If you feel your child needs more time than what I can give them at school, please email, call, or set up an appointment with me and I can give you a referral for therapists in the area.

If your child shows the following signs of depression, please seek help soon from a trusted doctor or counselor, or you can call me for a referral.

  • Frequent irritability with sudden bursts of anger.

  • More sensitive to criticism.

  • Complaints of headaches, stomach aches or other body problems. Your child may go to the nurse's office at school a lot.

  • Withdrawal from people, such as parents or some friends.

  • Not enjoying activities they usually like.

  • Feeling tired for much of the day.

  • Sad or blue feelings most of the time.

  • Trouble sleeping or is sleeping more than normal

  • A change in eating habits, such as not being hungry or eating more than usual

  • A hard time concentrating

  • Problems making decisions

  • Drop in school grades, attendance, not doing homework

  • High-risk behaviors, such as reckless driving, unsafe sex, or shoplifting

  • Pulling away from family and friends and spends more time alone

  • Drinking or using drugs

If your child expresses suicidal thoughts, always take them seriously and seek help. Take your child to the emergency room, or call law enforcement or 911.

Academic Counseling

If your son/daughter is struggling academically, I can help make a plan to get them back on track, give them some hope in bringing up their grade, and work with them and their teachers in completing a goal plan. Click on the link below for some test taking and study tips.

College/Career Counseling

I help middle school students learn their values, passions, and interests so they will begin to have a good idea of possible career pathways to take in the future.

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