Workshop Information

This workshop is intended for teacher trainers working in higher education who are interested in taking part in the EVALUATE telecollaborative exchange programme. These exchanges are part of the KA3 policy-experimentation project EVALUATE which is financed by the European Commission.

The EVALUATE project team will help teacher trainers to engage their students of teacher education in Virtual Exchange projects with partner classes in other countries. Virtual Exchange means engaging classes in structured online intercultural collaboration and exchange projects with partner classes in other cultural contexts under the guidance of their teachers.

This is what EVALUATE offers teacher trainers who participate in the workshop and in the project:

• We will help you to find a partner class for your students.

• We will provide you with a well-developed model of telecollaboration which is specifically designed for teacher-education. The themes of the exchange are aimed at developing student teachers’ language skills, intercultural competences and digital literacies. You will be given the tasks the students have to complete with their partners as well as texts and any other related materials.

• You will receive training in the León workshop on how to run the exchange and how to integrate it successfully into your classes.

• You will be mentored by a member of the EVALUATE team before and during the exchange who will help you to overcome any problems or challenges which emerge.

• You will receive the results of our study which will provide you with insight and evidence of the impact of telecollaboration on your students’ competence development.

• Most importantly, you have the opportunity to engage your students in a motivating and educational virtual learning experience. Participants are expected to cover their own travel and subsistence expenses. However, participants may wish to inquire at their own institutions for Erasmus Training funding to cover costs.

Some accommodation options are provided on this website. For more information about the workshop and how to take part in the exchange programme, please contact Robert O'Dowd (