A Spring day in

Projective Geometry

On the occasion of Luca Chiantini's 60th birthday

Florence May 5 2017

Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica "Ulisse Dini", Università degli studi di Firenze


Cristiano Bocci (Siena)

Ciro Ciliberto (Roma Tor Vergata)

Rosa M. Miró-Roig (Barcelona)

Francesco Russo (Catania)

The workshop aims to collect contributes on commutative algebra, projective geometry and their applications, recurring themes in the research of our colleague and friend Luca Chiantini (University of Siena), within both the Italian and the international mathematical communities.

For organizational reasons, please register by sending an email to elena.angelini@unisi.it

No registration fee will be charged. Deadline for registration April 8, 2017. Registration is closed.