HC@AIxIA 2022

1st AIxIA Workshop on Artificial Intelligence For Healthcare

Welcome to the 1st AIxIA Workshop on Artificial Intelligence For Healthcare (HC@AIxIA 2022). The workshop is co-located with the 21st Internarional Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AIxIA 2022).

Motivations and Main Goals

In the latest years we have been witnessing the ubiquitous application of Artificial Intelligence in real-world domains; in particular, AI-based solutions significantly changed the game in the field of medicine and healthcare in several respects (research, management, clinical practice). Indeed, applications of AI in the healthcare domain became a major research topics, that attracts cross-disciplinary research groups.

Medicine and health care require highly complex decision making to ensure that the trajectory a patient with a disease needs to take for diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and finally outcome is optimal in some sense. As a consequence, researchers have to draw methods from the entire field of AI. On the other hand, healthcare and medicine are built upon a rich and evolving body of knowledge, e.g., concerning the pathophysiology of diseases, molecular, genetic, cytological, and histological characterization of stages of a disease, described by temporal and spatial patterns. Such knowledge can also act as background knowledge to guide machine learning. In order to move towards effective and long-lasting applications of AI in healthcare, it is crucial to elucidate the relationship between what can be expected from AI methods when applied to healthcare problems and the role knowledge of healthcare and clinical medicine can play in developing AI solutions to health-care and clinical problems.

The HC@AIxIA workshop aims at gathering researchers from academia, industry and medical centers for presenting and discussing the latest research results and ongoing works related to the application and impact of AI in the healthcare domain, to the larger extent, thus aiming at covering a wide spectrum of topics, including theoretical and practical aspects, methodologies, technologies, and systems.

Please have a look at the Call for Papers for further details.



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Main Conference

HC@AIxIA is a workshop in the context of AIxIA 2022, the 21st International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence.