UNFPA India COVID-19 Response

A repository of UNFPA India's Emergency Response Plan to COVID-19

This is a living document that will continue to be updated to reflect our response to the pandemic


COVID19 UNFPA India SitRep#1 March - 12 April 2020.pdf


COVID19 UNFPA India SitRep#2 21 April 2020.pdf


COVID UNFPA India SitRep #3 28_Apr_2020.pdf


COVID UNFPA India SitRep #4 04_May_2020_Final-1.pdf


COVID UNFPA India SitRep #5 11_May_2020_Final.pdf


UNFPA India COVID19 Response_SitRep#6 Final.pdf


COVID UNFPA India SitRep #7_June_2020_Final (1).pdf


COVID India SitRep#8 July - Final.pdf


UNFPA India COVID19 Response SitRep#9 August_Final.pdf


UNFPA India COVID-19 Response_Sitrep 10_ Oct 15_Final.pdf

Guidelines and Resource Kits

Guidelines for Pregnancy and COVID

Guideline for Pregnancy & COVID edited 26 march 2020_edunfpa WTO TC.docx

FAQ for Pregnant Women

FAQ for pregnat women_27 Mar 2020.docx

Rapid Assessment of Maternity Care Settings

Rapid assessment-COVID 19_24 Mar 2020.docx

Message for Health Worker - Hindi

message for health workers.docx

Psycho-social Support for Health Workers

IMA UNFPA helpline for psycho social support.docx

GBV Counseling

GBV counselling.docx

Resource Kit for Survivors of VAWG

Resource kit for survivors of VAWG OSC service providers and health providers KS_SS (1).pdf

Messages for Sanitation Workers

Basic messages for sanitation workers.pdf

Role of Panchayats

Role of Panchayats.docx

Advice to Pregnant & Lactating Mothers - Oriya

Odia-COVID - 19 Advice to Pregnant and lactating Women.pdf

Counselling Survivors of GBV in Context of COVID

GBV counselling in case of COVID.docx

IEC Materials

UNFPA Leaflet_Mask Disposal 2.jpg
UNFPA Half page AD 30March2020_English_2.jpg
UNFPA Leaflet_Mask Disposal 1.jpg
UNFPA Half page AD 30March2020_Hindi_2.jpg
UNFPA Half page AD 30March2020_Hindi_1.jpg
UNFPA Half page AD 30March2020_English_1.jpg
English A4 brochure for pregnant women with COVID symptoms.jpg
English A4 brochure for pregnant women without any COVID symptoms.jpg
Hindi A4 size brochure on guidelines to be followed by women who may have COVID symptoms.jpg
Hindi A4 size brochure on guidelines for women without any COVID symptoms.jpg
UNFPA - COVID-19 - Poster 2 - Adolescents_14_04_20 (2).pdf
Hindi poster on pregnancy guidelines - Rajasthan.pdf
Hindi Poster-Sample Collection.pdf


For Youth - English

Youth video - English.mp4

For Youth - Hindi

Youth video - Hindi.mp4

For Pregnant Women - Hindi

Guidance for Pregnant Women - Oriya

Guidelines for pregnant women - Odiya.mp4

Guidelines for Sanitation Workers and Public for Mask Disposal

HINDI AV for Bihar - Message for Sanitation Workers .mp4

For Health Workers

VID-20200402-WA0001 - for health workers.mp4

Bihar - Messages for General Public

HINDI AV for Bihar Message for General Public.mp4

Sensitization of Youth on COVID

Animated Video on sensitising Young people on COVID-19.mp4

General Guidance

Hindi - General Guidance.mp4

General Instructions on COVID

Hindi- animated video on general guidelines to be followed.mp4

Contact Tracing - Hindi

Hindi Contact Tracing video with Govt of MP/NHM/UNFPA logo.mp4

Community Health Workers - Hindi

Hindi video - Guidelines for Community Health Workers.mp4

Social Distancing - Hindi

Hindi AV - social distancing 02.mp4

Using Mask - Hind

Hindi AV - mask usage 03.mp4

Pregnancy Guidelines - Hind

Hindi AV pregnancy guidelines 01.mp4

Psycho-social Support for Health Workers - Odia

Psychosocial support for Health Workers - Odiya.mp4

Guidelines for Lactating Women - Hindi

Hindi AV - Lactating mothers_Compressed.mp4

For Elderly - Hindi

Hindi AV - ELDERLY PEOPLE 01.mp4

For Pregnant Women - Hindi

REVISED FILM-8th May.mp4

Sharing Responsibilities

To Care Is To Share Card 1.png
Be Kind Be a Hero Card 2.png
Share the Chores Card 1.png
Be Kind Be a Hero.png
Naubat Baja Corona EP 01.mp3

Radio Jingle - Naubatbaja in Rajasthan

Naubat Baja - content 2.mp3


Role of Panchayats in responding to COVID-19
Role of Youth Volunteers- Promoting gender equality & addressing GBV in the response to COVID-19

UNFPA HQ - Technical Briefs